Corporate Account

With advancements in communication methods and hacking techniques, data and communication security in an enterprise is no longer merely a compliance consideration but a real necessity. Data comes in and goes out with multiple hops between sender and receiver making an end to end security a must for any security conscious enterprise.

Enterprise wide security solution has its own challenges ranging from provisioning to managing life cycle of an account along with access rights in the hierarchy of the organization. Galaxkey addresses all of these challenges with simple and intuitive features associated with a corporate account.

When an enterprise secures itself using Galaxkey, it is done on the domain level. Each enterprise registers its domain(s) to be secured with Galaxkey along with number of licenses to be used. Every email address associated with that domain is essentially a possible candidate for using Galaxkey security but the final authority lies with corporate administrator. Corporate Administrator decides the users that will consume Galaxkey licenses. Corporate administrator in effect manages the lifecycle of the accounts

Following is the list of features supported for a corporate account

    • Send encrypted emails from Microsoft Outlook, iOS Devices, Android devices, Windows mobile and Web
    • Encrypt documents on the Windows Desktop
    • Get 10 GB of free Secure Cloud Storage
    • Send unlimited invites to friends
    • Email timeout functionality from Microsoft Outlook
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Complete control on the keys
    • In-house Virtual Appliance option available
    • Email revocation functionality
    • Email delivery and rejection notifications
    • Group based policy control