Email Encryption

Encrypt documents and folders with just a right click of your mouse button. Galaxkey integrates with shell of the Windows operating system. Galaxkey supports encryption of folders and its sub-folders in one go. It also works seamlessly with mapped network drives.

Using Galaxkey for document encryption, you can easily encrypt files with multi-tenant support. Galaxkey provides an easy to use Galaxkey Vault which can be used to store files only in encrypted form


    • Allows users to right click on documents and secure them for one or more Galaxkey Registered Users. Once the file is secured, only the Galaxkey Identity owner for whom we have secured the document can open it.
    • Secure one or many files at a time.
    • Inbuilt Galaxkey secured file (GXK) reader to enable users to open, edit and restore files.
    • Galaxkey file reader can be used to access Webmail emails which are secured using the Galaxkey Email Security Solution.


    • Secure files before copying them in the cloud
    • Integrated Cloud Synchronisation
    • Secures any file format
    • Edit files directly in encrypted container and ensure no one has access to it even with you are away from your machine.