Free Account

What happens when I send an email to someone who is not registered with Galaxkey? The answer is the recipient is invited to Galaxkey and a free account is created for the user.

Free accounts are essentially those accounts whose domain is not registered with Galaxkey for secured communication. These will mostly be the users’ personal account availed with any of the popular web mails.

With free account users can do all the essentials of secured communication including Sending secured email, Opening secured email and replying or forwarding it. Users can also secure documents on their windows machine and securely share them with their contacts. Users also get all the client software for free.

Free account Identity is entirely managed by the users. In case of multiple personal email addresses, users can club them in a single Galaxkey account. This can be done choosing existing account while registering with Galaxkey.

Galaxkey does not store the user passwords. Thus, it is important that the user’s back-up their identities. This will help to restore the account in case the users forget their password.

    • Send encrypted emails from Microsoft Outlook, iOS Devices, Android devices, Windows mobile and Web
    • Encrypt documents on the Windows Desktop
    • Get 10 GB of free Secure Cloud Storage
    • Send unlimited invites to friends
    • Email timeout functionality from Microsoft Outlook