It is a well known fact that the all government organisation and semi-government organisations store millions of documents and data of users. The huge volume of data and the extremely high level of communications between various departments and support groups makes the entire communication vulnerable to easy attacks by unwanted entities.

Government organisation include local bodies and councils, city authority, central government and international entities. Various support entities like Police, essential services and even various distribution groups come under the government or semi government banner. Governments of various nations are concerned with the privacy of their information from other countries. Communication tapping of government heads had been exposed in near past.

Lot of countries around the globe are moving towards e-governance. The main aim is to ensure smooth functioning of the government bodies. E-governance requires huge amount of exchange of data between various departments.

Considering the volume and the sensitivity of information, it becomes imperative for all the government organisation to ensure data is completely encrypted. Galaxkey is the perfect product to ensure this is achieve with ease. Galaxkey is the only solution that provides encryption for data at store and data in transit.

    • Store all public confidential information completely secure
    • Send and Receive encrypted emails
    • All keys are in the control of the government organisation and no foreign governments can tap into the communications
    • Protect the rights or privacy of all individuals
    • Speed up development and deployment of e-governance