Health Care

The health care industry is the most vulnerable industry for data leakage. Today world over hospitals, general practitioners, healthcare research companies handle huge amounts of individual data. The information that is handled contains sensitive information that includes the patients contact details, history of ailment, relations details and a lot of information in the form of photographs and scanned information.

The health care industry is mandated to comply with the HIPPA regulation which clearly mentions that all the data that is handled by the healthcare industry needs to be encrypted.

Galaxkey provides a perfect solution for the health care industry. With Galaxkey healthcare organisation can comply with HIPPA very easily. With the Galaxkey Geo-fencing technology, the healthcare organisation can ensure the information they are sending to others is completely controlled in their own environment.

Apart from encrypting the data, Galaxkey ensures that the keys for encryption too are managed by the healthcare organisation.

    • Send and Receive completely secure and encrypted patient information
    • Secure and store files of any size in the internal network to prevent accidental leak
    • Use Geo-fencing to send information to third party and prevent leak by redundancy
    • View patient data securely over mobile network
    • Comply with HIPPA and prevent penalties.
    • Build confidence with customers by sending them encrypted emails