As email communication is now the most prevalent form of communication between solicitor’s, barristers and clients, the Solicitors Regulatory Authorities in various countries are advising that all legal service firms have their responsibility to protect their data when it is transmitted or stored in the cloud. With severe consequences for non-compliance, data security and email messaging, security can no longer be ignored it is now a “must have.”

Law firms in particular are taking a closer look at securing their communication, especially when dealing with clients ensuring that they are adequately covered by data breach laws. In particular the security implications associated with the exchange of legal confidential information is often the most sensitive in nature. The importance of email security becomes more significant now that regulatory authorities is fining organisations that are breaching these rules.

There have be numerous incidences in the past where highly confidential information of celebrities and well known personalities have been leaked by the legal entities due to simple negligence in protecting and encrypting the data. This has cost the firms to even loose their licenses. Hence having a powerful and easy to use encryption took like Galaxkey is now a must for legal firms.

    • Send and Receive completely encrypted emails from customers and legal support firms
    • Store all confidential information of customers in encrypted form
    • Powerful notification functions for Solicitors and lawyers to get recorded delivery
    • Send secured emails to recipients without the need of company key management and exchange
    • View secure emails without compromising the security of originally secured email
    • Customers can view their emails securely even over internet