Email Encryption

Galaxkey provides a very powerful document encryption and sharing platform. With Galaxkey you can right click a file, encrypt it and share it with anyone just with a click of your mouse button. Galaxkey secure sharing uses your Galaxkey Secured Shared folder in the cloud to share the document with your friends and family with complete encrypting.

When you share a document using Galaxkey Secure Share, the document is encrypted on your machine and shared for the recipient. The document is then automatically send to the recipient folders in a complete encrypted form. The recipient can then download the file to his local machine and once its downloaded, it is decrypted. Complete end-to-end secured sharing.

Galaxkey lets you revoke access to the shared document and all the shared documents or files cannot be modified by the recipient. Galaxkey supports any kind of file format. Galaxkey sharing works with Groups format in which you have systematic control of the files that you share.


    • Allows users to right click on documents and files and share them with groups and recipients.
    • Sends notifications to recipients when Groups are created.
    • Files secured on the source machine and no keys are exchanged.
    • New users are automatically invited to Galaxkey account.


    • Share files with friends and family in a completely secure way
    • No one has access to your shared files unless you allow
    • Recipients can download files only when they want to and their folders are not filled with unnecessary files.