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Galaxkey Limited signs up Abacus Computers Limited as a Reseller

By 29th May 2012 April 25th, 2019 No Comments

Galaxkey Limited is delighted to announce that it has signed up Abacus Computers Limited as a reseller for Galaxkey Security Products and Services on Thursday 24 May 2012.

Abacus Computers Limited, with its headquarters in Middlesex UK, offers professional IT services and solutions.   Abacus embraces a large services portfolio including hardware services and installations, IT consultancy, design and implementation as well as software supplies.  Abacus unites IT solutions and services, now including the Galaxkey solution, with business and individuals within identified markets bringing value to its customers.  Abacus boasts a wide array of valued partners including HP, Compaq, Intel, IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft to name a few, enabling Abacus to offer IT solutions to suit individual requirements.

A statement from Abacus Computers Limited- Abacus has been championing the use of security within IT solution for several years with over 20 years’ experience in this industry sector resulting in partnerships with various security solution providers as well as renowned manufacturers.

Abacus is extremely excited to partnering with Galaxkey and believes it has placed itself at the forefront of Email Security Technology which will be affordable by the masses making a valuable contribution to our society and a more secure communication methodology.

Galaxkey Limited is excited and proud to announce the signing up of Abacus Computer Limited as a reseller for the Galaxkey Security Solution.

Galaxkey Limited looks forward to a thriving relationship with Abacus Computers Limited, joining together to bring the Galaxkey Security Solution to the market for all to realise the benefits of the Galaxkey Security Solution.

Abacus Computers Limited Phone: 0207 858 1200