From accounts left unprotected to messages sent by mistake, company email use can present a serious security risk. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to a data breach. As well as potential fines from the ICO, firms may also face other expenses like the cost of remediation measures, operational downtime and compensation data subjects harmed by an incident. Longer-term effects can include loss of company stock value and professional reputation.

To avoid this unfortunate consequence, correct email security protocols and practices are essential for every enterprise. In this blog, we will explore how user errors and poor protective policies concerning emails can quickly escalate to become a devastating data breach.

Incorrect recipients

It might seem like a simple mistake, but if an employee mistypes the address of a recipient before sending an email that contains sensitive information belonging to data subject it will result in a data breach. Users should always recheck who they are mailing and ensure address accuracy before hitting send.

Weak passwords

If email accounts are protected by easy-to-guess passwords or those with minimal characters, threat operators will not have difficulty accessing them. To avoid private email accounts being easily invaded and a breach, a secure password that is impossible to work out and tough to crack using malicious software is vital. For added security you can use biometric data such as fingerprint or facial scans for two-factor authentication that make it impossible for attackers to replicate, or a simple passcode sent to the employee’s mobile device.

Email threads

Always be mindful when you forward emails involving multiple conversations, also called email threads. These conversations represent a risk that additional information will be accidentally disclosed to a recipient when an entire thread is emailed. If a thread contains details that are private, consider drafting a brand-new email instead to sidestep a breach.
No encryption used

Experts agree that the best protection against a data breach related to email use is to employ an end-to-end encryption solution. The power of this useful tool ensures that whether an attacker infiltrates your email accounts, you send an email thread containing private information or you email confidential data to the wrong recipient you can avoid a data breach.

Encryption software scrambles the contents of an email whether it is being sent or sitting dormant in a user mailbox, effectively rendering the message entirely illegible to all but the sender and the intended recipient. The recipient is issued with a public decryption key that allows them to read the email that was meant for their eyes only.

Start using encryption today

To safeguard against a data breach, our Galaxkey encryption solution is an ideal option. It can deliver robust three-layer protection that will not only encrypt the message body content of the email but any important documents that you need to attach.

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