With over 180000 registered charities in the Channel Islands, England and Wales alone, Galaxkey is conscious of the selfless work that these organisations do throughout the countries and the positive impact their work has on local communities and communities abroad. Many of them are small and medium-sized and the running and administration of these charities can be challenging and more so on a tight budget.

With the impending GDPR only days away, Galaxkey wants to help these charities to understand their obligations under the regulation and help them to protect the personal data that they handle daily in order to deliver their charitable services.

Galaxkey would like to help these charities in the best way that we can. Galaxkey is giving away free corporate data protection licences to all charities that register to use Galaxkey before the 25th May 2018.

This means that every charity that registers with Galaxkey before this date will receive corporate data protection services to protect their emails and documents for free for 12 months.

Charities will benefit from all the corporate email and document data protection functionalities including:

Data security for emails

  • Communicate securely
  • Set email time-outs
  • Revoke sent emails
  • Get Notifications of email delivery (recorded delivery)
  • Digitally sign your emails (anti-spoof)

Data security for documents

  • Secure your documents
  • Share your documents securely
  • Store your document securely in your Galaxkey Vault

We believe that this small gesture to provide charities with data protection for a year can help them to protect the personal data that they handle as well as help them to comply with the GDPR so that they can continue with the great work that they do in a secure and compliant way.

By Galaxkey helping in this way charities can focus their efforts where they matter most-on their charitable causes.

This is Galaxkey’s way of saying thank you for all that you do!

Please use the following button to register your free Galaxkey data protection licences valid for 12 months.