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How Care Software Solutions Protects and Manages Sensitive Personal Data


Care Software Solutions, a supplier of care plan management software for Nursing, Residential Homes and the Home and Domiciliary Care Sector uses Galaxkey to protect and manage the sensitive personal data it handles. The Jersey-based company provides a care management platform, Zuri, to support carers in the health industry to manage client care. As the company and Zuri handle sensitive personal data, it needs to be done in a secure and GDPR compliant way. Galaxkey helps Care Software Solutions to achieve this for both the business and Zuri.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result
The Challenge

Zuri gives carers the ability to access healthcare information inclusive of GP details, medication, patient’s medical history, allergies, assessments and clinical charts. It also allows clients to take a more active role in their care. With one device-based care management solution, Zuri refines the management, communication and record keeping for healthcare. This increased accessibility, in real-time, enables improved efficiency which correlates to improved client/patient care. As Zuri processes sensitive personal data it is imperative that the data is protected. However, not to the detriment of data availability.

The data must remain available for Zuri to function (in real-time), but only to authorised users so that any potential privacy and security risk to patient/client data is alleviated. With the broad adoption of IoT technologies throughout the sector, Zuri supports integration with these technologies. Although Zuri is facilitating change and improving processes and efficiency, client data which is sensitive personal data is processed and stored by Zuri and Care Software Solutions.

This data must be processed in a secure manner to protect its clients, staff, carers, consultants and other third parties and it is essential that data protection compliance obligations are simultaneously met.

Care Software Solutions needed a data protection platform to integrate with Zuri to protect the data without negatively impacting Zuri’s functioning and performance. It was imperative that the security solution integrated seamlessly and was easy to use and navigate as well as simple to manage. Carers often have limited knowledge of intricate computer systems, so the solution had to be intuitive and simple for anyone to use regardless of IT competence. A way to control, manage and track access to the data was also necessary.

Not only for organisational control and governance but for audit and tracking purposes to meet regulation and compliance. A significant part of the organisation’s data concerns its patients/clients and the regular processing of highly sensitive data made Care Software Solutions conscious of its GDPR compliance responsibilities and the support required to address its compliance obligations.

Care Software Solutions had three primary requirements. Firstly, it needed to ensure Zuri was secure and that all the data Zuri processes remains secure, available and governable. Secondly, it needed to ensure that the communications and data sharing within the organisation was protected. Lastly, it needed to address the challenge of the GDPR with regards to the sensitive data that it processes.

The Solution

Galaxkey proposed a data-centric solution which meant that the data itself was protected irrespective of type, platform and location.

This combined with high-level access control provided by one comprehensive platform gave Care Software Solutions the data protection functionalities that it needed. As Care Software Solutions had three key requirements, securing the Zuri platform, securing the organisation’s communications and data sharing as well as GDPR compliance-Galaxkey handled these challenges in a manner appropriate to address each specifically. ® www.galaxkey.com Data protection and compliance for Zuri Galaxkey’s API integration with Zuri ensures that the data processed by Zuri is protected.

Granular access control and authentication ensure that the organisation can control and manage data access. Each data subject, whose data is processed by Zuri is secured by their own unique identity so that security and access to the data can be managed on an individual basis, keeping every individual’s data private and confidential. Availability of the data was fundamental as Zuri’s proper functioning is reliant on reliable data and the real-time access to all the data on the system.

Galaxkey was able to support Zuri in this regard. With Galaxkey the data is not only protected but is available on demand through authorised access and authentication. Another deciding factor was the ability to keep the data in a location of choice. Galaxkey can fence the data to any location (network, cloud, jurisdiction) that the organisation chooses.

Not only was this important because of the type of data that the organisation processes but it also provides assurance that the data is always available on demand. Galaxkey was able to support Care Software Solutions with a step by step approach to address GDPR compliance. The integration of Galaxkey with Zuri has helped to ensure that Zuri is secure by design.

With Galaxkey’s GDPR managements functionalities, Care Software Solutions is able to address the key data protection challenges. Galaxkey enables the organisation to Identify and classify the data that it communicates. Controls and policies can be aligned with the data so that retention policies can be administered to ensure the data is not kept for longer than it is needed or legally allowed. A secure method for removing this data is also available as well as a secure transfer method to transfer the data on the request of the data subject. With Galaxkey’s audit and reporting capabilities, Care Software Solutions can manage the access to its data in real-time to prove accountability for the GDPR.

The Result

Care Software Solutions is very happy with the Galaxkey product as well as the support that it has received.

Without Galaxkey it would have needed to acquire multiple solutions to address its diverse security challenges, however, being able to solve all (Zuri’s security, data protection for the organisation and the GDPR challenge) with one data protection platform has made the process simple and reduced the cost substantially as no additional infrastructure was required for the solution to work.

Care Software Solutions is especially excited about all the GDPR functionality that is making the process to GDPR compliance very easy. As it can protect, control and comply-all with a single platform that is simple to use. Features such as: revoking access to data, data portability, procedures to securely store sensitive information, retention policy capabilities and audit trails are noteworthy.

Whilst using Galaxkey, Care Software Solutions is able to secure its data and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information which is vital in the health sector.

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