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How City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Safeguards Data


The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council is a public sector organisation responsible for services that benefit the residents of Bradford District within the United Kingdom. Under the direction of their partner Managed Security Solutions (MSS), Bradford Council selected Galaxkey to replace their incumbent encryption solution.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result
The Challenge

Bradford Council recognised the importance of email and data security when sharing information electronically and their fundamental requirement was to implement a process to safeguard this data. The incumbent encryption solution was not meeting their requirements; it was difficult to use, costs were increasing and the vendor-client relationship was showing strain. With the number of users involved it was apparent that it was not a practical or efficient solution for the council. The council required a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution that offered the required flexibility at an acceptable cost. It also needed to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Solution

Bradford Council conducted a detailed review of their requirements and the following criteria were evaluated:

  • The solution must ensure thatit supports all existing businessprocesses.
  • The preferred solution must be easy to use and efficient.
  • The solution must provide a secure mechanism for secure communications and data transfer to the intended recipient.
  • All emails must only be accessible by the intended recipient.
  • The preferred vendor must be flexible to feature requests and the product should be adaptable to meet customised purposes.
  • The right solution must meet a commercial price point acceptable by both the council and the vendor.
The Result

Bradford Council’s experience in working with MSS and Galaxkey was positive from commencement. Both MSS and Galaxkey understood Bradford’s business requirements and fulfilled their needs whilst keeping the process simple. Assisting documentation, technical guidance and consultation from MSS and Galaxkey were made available to Bradford and resulted in both a successful pilot and successful rollout of the solution. After the successful implementation of the licensed software, Bradford Council, MSS and Galaxkey worked together to enhance and adapt features to meet specific council demands and develop bespoke features to increase the efficiency of council processes.

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