Document Security

email, FTP, cloud and USB
Protect documents throughout their journey

Organisations send and share documents to work quickly and more productively. Files are shared in many ways: emails, FTP, cloud and USB all of which are not secure methods. Documents must be protected for compliance and commercial reasons and need to be secured at all stages, in transit, at rest and in storage. With most organisations unable to guarantee how their documents will be shared, this creates data protection and privacy challenges. At the moment a file is shared, removed or downloaded it is no longer secure.

never lose control of your files
Granular visibility and control is essential

Galaxkey’s data-centric solution enables you to protect your files whilst maintaining visibility and control. You can secure any file, any size and on any device. Galaxkey gives you flexible document security with the necessary control for you to protect your files and meet compliance too. You can revoke access to files, send notifications, edit files securely and share files securely with groups-without ever losing control of your files.

Galaxkey Secure Vault
This document security tool enables you to define a folder for automatic encryption. Any file that you copy or move into the folder is automatically encrypted. Galaxkey Secure Vault can be configured within a Dropbox folder or even Google Drive. It offers a quick and efficient way to customise security for any file. Letting you work collaboratively but most importantly, securely.
Galaxkey Secure Share
Galaxkey Secure Share lets you quickly and securely share a file. By right-clicking the file you can share with one or even multiple users. The file is automatically encrypted at the source and you can use the Galaxkey Share Platform to securely share your file. The file is only accessible by the recipient, the owner of the Galaxkey Identity, for whom the file is secured.


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