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Galaxkey Email Encryption


Email expiry & Recall
Mail delivery confirmation
Prevent wrong recipient
Digital signatures
Verify identity
GDPR compliance
Block forward & reply
UK National Cyber Security (NCSC) CPA certified
US government standard AES FIPS 140-2 compliant

Simple, easy to use and extremely secure encryption that will stop hackers in their tracks.

Galaxkey email encryption is a government certified encryption software designed for businesses that want to protect their most important asset – their data.

Simple to install, easy to use and fully integrable with existing systems, Galaxkey Email Encryption has been designed to ensure that the only eyes on your emails are the ones you choose.

Why should you use Galaxkey Email Encryption?

  • Stay compliant – every business needs to meet legislative and industry compliance requirements including GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and other global compliances. Galaxkey Email Encryption enables you to do this.
  • Works anywhere – encrypt and decrypt your emails and their content on any device. Use our web portal, or download our Add-In for Windows Outlook, iOS or Android
  • Integrates easily with your existing email client
  • Easy to install – Galaxkey Email Encryption can be deployed within minutes by installing the application on the client machine.
  • Easy to use – your team can use Galaxkey easily, and the recipients of your emails (clients, suppliers etc) can read them easily
  • Fully scalable – whether you have a team of 5 or a team of 5000, Galaxkey Email Encryption will serve you easily and quickly

Secure emails on the system you use

Galaxkey’s uniquely secure email encryption works in harmony with all popular systems – Outlook, iOS, Android, Windows – to protect your emails across their entire journey – in transit and at destination (store). Simply add the software to your system and start protecting your emails immediately

How Easy is it to use Galaxkey Email Encryption?

This explainer video shows you exactly how simple it is to use Galaxkey.

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And if you want to try it out yourself, we’ll give you Galaxkey for a free 14-day trial.

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How Galaxkey Email Encryption Works

Galaxkey’s email encryption is uniquely secured. Every message you send is carefully wrapped in three layers of protection to keep even the most persistent snoopers out. Breaking through our email security is like an attacker picking a combination lock with 2 to the power of 256 combinations three times over. Practically impossible.

We also believe that the only person who should read your email is the person it was sent to. That’s why we’ve ensured that you – and only you – have complete control over your own keys. No-one else can access them.

What to expect from Galaxkey Email Encryption (it’s features)

  • Mail revocation – Galaxkey Email Encryption allows you to recall any secured emails that have already been sent. You can revoke access to an incorrectly sent email making it inaccessible to the recipient.
  • Digital email signing – This anti-spoof  feature  ensures  data  integrity  and   non-repudiation.   A   digitally   signed   email   provides   the  assurance  that  the  data  has  not  been  tampered    Furthermore,  the  recipient  knows  exactly  where  the  email  has come from
  • Data Classification – Data classification  is  vital  to  managing  information  securely  and  identifying  which  data  needs  additional  measures  of  Galaxkey enables you to do so simply and easily.
  • Time-out – Need to set time limits for accessibility? No problem. Galaxkey Email Encryption allows you to set time limits when sending secured emails. Once the time lapses, the email becomes inaccessible
  • Notifications – With Galaxkey Email Encryption, you know when the secure email is opened and viewed, because we tell you.
  • Policy management – Set rules and policies you need to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements.
  • Single sign on – Galaxkey Email Encryption support Single sign on (SSO) so that your team can be automatically logged in with their workplace credentials.
  • White labelling – You can make Galaxkey your own adding your own corporate branding
  • Restrict forwards and replies – Galaxkey Email Encryption enables you to restrict how your emails are forwarded and responded to.
  • Geo Fence – Galaxkey Email Encryption will allow you to geofence your data to a specific network, or to a geographic area of your choice

Download Data Sheet

Datasheet: Galaxkey Email Security

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“Galaxkey is robust and easy to use. I like the way it’s embedded into our existing systems as opposed to having to access a separate platform. When you want to send an email from your normal inbox, a message pops up: “Do you want to send it securely via Galaxkey?” And you just click yes – and straight away, it’s gone.”

- Yvonne Hall, Managing Director, Palm Cove Society, UK