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One easy to use and manage platform
Complete Data Protection

Our comprehensive data protection platform protects any data, across all platforms, interfaces and environments. Galaxkey goes beyond compliance to give you complete and flexible data security with granular access control. You choose what data you want to protect, what platforms, interfaces and environments you want to use, how you want to communicate and with whom you share your ‘Galaxkeyed’ data. With one easy to use and manage platform you can secure and control access to all digital communications: emails, documents, sharing and cloud.

A single solution for desktop, web, mobile and cloud
Email Security

Galaxkey provides user-friendly email security with high-level access control to protect and control entire emails: message, attachments and files.

Document Security

Galaxkey protects files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. Letting you protect your confidential data in a compliant way.

Cloud Security

Galaxkey secures your files before you upload them to the cloud. Even if an attacker were to gain access to your secured files, they are unusable to them.

Secure Collaboration

Galaxkey lets you collaborate easily and securely with teams of internal and external users. Your data is always secure and under your control.

Secure Gateway

Galaxkey’s GSG reads emails and documents on the fly to keep your data secure even when your employees forget, so no sensitive data is transmitted if not secured.


Galaxkey’s Geofence can confine data to your local area network, or a jurisdiction or a cloud you choose so that your data is securely restricted to your location of choice.

AI Engine

Galaxkey’s DP-AIE uses artificial intelligence to help you quickly and continuously identify, classify, protect and manage data to maintain data protection and compliance.

GDPR Functionality

Galaxkey’s GDPR functionality lets you manage the GDPR process, step by step, and protect personal information to meet your data protection responsibilities.


Galaxkey’s Classification lets you classify emails to improve data management. Ensuring data is appropriately protected and shared and compliance with company policies and regulations upheld.


Galaxkey’s MFD-Secure (a hardware security device) provides data protection for scans, emails and documents when using Galaxkey protected multi-functional devices (MFDs).


Authorised Data Distribution (ADD)  lets the original sender of an email decide the recipients’ actions on it. The sender can block the  ‘forward’ or ‘reply’ options for the email to retain control of the email and its contents.

Secure Sign

Secure Sign delivers a simple and efficient means to create electronic signatures, electronically sign documents as well as manage and track the entire e-signature process, in a secure and legally-binding way.

Distinguishing features…

Easy to use and quick to deploy Free for individual users  Multi-platform support  Single identity  Emails encrypted in transit and in-store (sent items) Ability to view emails without a client installation (Web Access) Policy model to auto-encrypt based on definable rules Get notifications of email access Set time-outs to encrypted emails Geo-fence emails and data  Add digital signatures from any device Encrypt documents with a click of a mouse button Encrypt documents for multiple users Easily share encrypted documents with groups Complete AD and OKTA integration  Easy corporate administrative access Stop the forward and reply of emails Tamper proof emails  Classify data  Restrict data flow   Revoke emails  

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