Identify, classify, protect and manage data
Galaxkey Data Protection - Artificial Intelligence Engine

Our versatile platform, The Galaxkey Data Protection – Artificial Intelligence Engine (DP-AIE pronounced D-PIE) helps you to quickly and continuously identify, classify, protect and manage data on-premise and in the cloud. Providing the assurance that your data is classified and protected.

Our dataset and advanced pattern matching platform are always learning, leveraging SMarTs and training from hours of our customers’ input. Many of our customers represent a customer like you.

Our intelligence engine keeps learning and adapting so that you and your company remain compliant with regulation, legal frameworks and ISO standards.

Having worked with some of the world’s largest, most advanced AI vendors, developed our own solutions and adapted use cases, leveraging their APIs to offer our customers the best of breed technology, Galaxkey offers this unique attribute. Few vendors (in our space) offer a universal, customisable and versatile stack that works across any of the major cloud platforms.

Microsoft, Amazon and Google compatible
Customisable, versatile stack for many cloud platforms

Available on Microsoft Azure, leveraging some of the worlds most sophisticated AI, ML and DL to achieve transparent data protection.

On the Amazon stack, we deliver similar functionality and achieve data protection for any of the hosted SaaS AWS data stores.

On the Google platform, Galaxkey offers proven data protection, using tensor-flow and pattern matching as well as advanced dataset linking, for protection on Google’s array of services.

For on-premise support, Galaxkey leverages the Azure stack from Microsoft. Enabling you to leverage advanced Microsoft technologies. Galaxkey is able to scale quickly, automate and mechanise data protection in your own data centre or in your location of choice. Leveraging these modern development practices, we are agile and this flexibility is unrivalled if customisation and adaptation to environments are required. When ready to migrate to the cloud, the changes are few, ensuring a consistent and effortless transition to the full Azure cloud stack.

AI works in the background to maintain data protection and compliance
Continuous data protection and reporting

With this level of flexibility that our DP-AIE provides, Galaxkey offers proven and reliable Data Protection that will protect our customers no matter the cloud. Our protection is reversible for data portability, at any time, under authorisation from the DPO or trusted party.

Classify data
Aim the DP-AIE at your data to classify it. Once classified, protection levels are suggested and associated in our dataset with unique signatures to identify the files. An online report is generated that suggests the protection level as well as the variation from the desired compliance or regulation. Mappings, risks and impact of potential exposure are also shown.
Manage your compliance
The DP-AIE manages the protection process, once approval is sought from the respective authorities within your business. If any adjustments or exclusions are required, these are configured and the protection schedule established. The DP-AIE works in the background to protect the data so that your company is compliant.
Generate reports
An online progress report is generated. You can view your progress in our portal, no matter where the data is. As long as Galaxkey has the level of access required to the data, it will protect your data continuously. We report any attempted or user potential breaches.
Keep protection current
When regulation changes, or we discover the new protection vector, or one of our customers tweak their Galaxkey Data Protection ruleset, this decision tree is shared with our AI system. If accepted it is assimilated into the next level of protection. You will get a report reflecting your compliance with regards to these new requirements. Galaxkey will apply the protection for the variation, once approval is given to do so.