local network, geographical and cloud
Choose where you keep your data

Data can be vulnerable when it is shared or when data is at rest, in or outside of your environment (in clouds, archived or on storage). When you share your data through email, file sharing or collaboration platforms, cloud services are often involved. You place your data with third parties and entrust it to them. However, can you be sure that your data remains protected and under your control? With Galaxkey you can. Galaxkey can assist in keeping your data under your control in the location that you choose.

your data is always available to you
Control access to your data

Galaxkey’s Geofence virtual perimeter can confine data to your local area network or to a jurisdiction you choose so that your data is securely restricted to your location of choice.

You control access to your data and can share data securely within your secure workspace without your data ever leaving your secured location.

Your data is always where you want it to be and data access is easily controlled and tracked by you, so you can enhance your security posture and demonstrate compliance too.