Transform how you communicate with your clients with Galaxkey Digital Document Sign

Available within our Enterprise Cloud license, Galaxkey provides the solution to create and request an electronic signature. Completing a document digitally aids workflow, improves productivity and saves on postage costs โ€“ all great assets in this ever evolving era. From banking, legal, insurance and financial services to education and healthcare, there is not an industry sector where electronic signatures cannot be utilised.

Electronic signatures can be used for sales contracts, purchase orders, letters of intent, invoice processing and compliance acceptance. In fact, any document where a valid signing is required.

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Galaxkey encryption offers a simple but effective solution for achieving complete data protection. Designed to be user friendly, Galaxkey document security is presented with an easy-to-understand interface and includes a wide array of features, offering powerful encryption for files on both desktop and the cloud.


Galaxkey's architecture wraps every electronic file created for signing in three layers of encryption, so confidential data is secured using the most robust technology available today and certified by our CPA certification.

Ease of use

Galaxkey has been developed first and foremost as a security platform but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated to use. Creating a document to be electronically signed can be done in minutes following a simple 1, 2, 3, process.

Ease of access

Digital document sign doesn't involve installing software; in fact, once registered, you can log-in to your web portal and create a document for signing anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet.

Corporate use

Our corporate clients can choose to store data in our cloud-based solution or their environment, putting them firmly in control of their stored data at all times. With our secure cloud-based platform hosted in the UK, you can be confident your data is not only encrypted but secure from any back door access.

Comprehensive email encryption with unique data protection features

Our email platform provides a seamless, secure communication solution in a simple-to-use format, fully compatible with Outlook, iOS, Android, and Windows.

With efficient operation delivered via one-click encryption, you can be sure your emails and files are always secure, whether they are at rest or in transit. This provides you with a working environment thatโ€™s safe and compliant, anywhere and anytime.