Security by Design
Monitor and Secure your Multi-Function Devices

Multi-function devices (MFDs) –printers and scanners used in organisations are channels for sensitive corporate information. They are often overlooked, in terms of compliance and security, but these internally networked devices store and process data and have the same security vulnerabilities as any other networked endpoint device. It’s imperative that the data, stored and in transit, is protected at all times- especially when physical documents are transferred to the digital world. Moreover, access to this data should be properly managed and controlled.

Pragmatic access control and audit capabilities
Supports all networked MFDs

Galaxkey’s MFD-Secure (a hardware device) provides data protection for scans, emails and documents when using Galaxkey protected multi-functional devices. MFD-Secure can be connected to any networked multi-functional device or printer and works across any network.

When MFD-Secure is used, no scanned data is stored on the MFD printer. When MFD-Secure is used you can protect and control your data to achieve compliance with data protection regulations like the GDPR and PCI-DSS.

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Classify data to assist with compliance
  • Digitally sign data to ensure data integrity and non-repudiation
  • Pragmatic access control
  • Authentication technologies
  • Logging and reporting functionalities
  • Audit capabilities
  • Confine your data to your network to keep control and mitigate data loss