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Email security
One-click email security, easy and efficient without compromising on control. Classify, revoke, set time-outs and digitally sign your emails to protect and control data as well as comply with data protection regulations.

Document Security
Protect sensitive files and documents whilst maintaining granular visibility and control. Manage access, classify documents, send notifications, edit and share files securely and always stay compliant with data protection regulations.
GDPR Compliance Brochure
One comprehensive platform to help you manage the GDPR process step by step. It's easy to use, enabling you to classify, protect, control, monitor, audit and report to protect personal data, achieve compliance and prove accountability.
Galaxkey Brochure
A single data protection platform to protect and manage your data and support your compliance requirements. Galaxkey works across all platforms, interfaces and environments without disrupting business process and function.
Geofence lets you keep your sensitive data where you choose so that you always know where your data is. Keep your data local to your network, in a cloud that you choose or a jurisdiction that you prefer. Control the access to your data and stay compliant.
Galaxkey Secure Gateway
GSG is an in-line server that can encrypt emails at mass and on the fly. With GSG you can ensure that all sensitive emails are always protected to help with data breach prevention and maintaining data protection regulation compliance.
Galaxkey for Dropbox
It's often that we hear of cloud storage services getting compromised. Galaxkey has evolved technology to protect cloud-stored data so that only authorised individuals can access the cloud-stored files, no matter the cloud used.
Security Standards
Galaxkey uses AES FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption designed for cryptographic modules used to secure sensitive information and 2048-bit RSA Keys. This document outlines the standards that Galaxkey applies in more detail.
Features and Benefits
Galaxkey offers a unique set of product features and benefits (like our solutions, always evolving) to provide data protection that stands out from the rest and keep our customers and their data protected and compliant now and into the future.
MFD-Secure Brochure
Galaxkey is conscious of the importance of MFD security to protect data and achieve compliance with data protection regulations. MFD-Secure works seamlessly across all networks and any networked MFD to provide data protection for scans, emails and documents.
Why choose Galaxkey over a free solution
When you choose Galaxkey, you partner with our company, our team and our product. You don't just get an encryption tool, you get the complete Galaxkey data protection package: experience, service, support, advice and technical know-how. See why to choose Galaxkey!