Your data – Own it! Control it! Protect it!

Secure Emails

Simple to use email encryption to protect and control your emails – message, attachments and files – with robust security features.


Secure Documents

Protect your shared files – at rest and in storage – irrespective of type and size. Allowing you to safeguard your confidential data in a compliant way.


Secure Collaboration

Share and collaborate securely with your teams – both internal and external. Your data remains protected and under your control at all times.


Complete Data Protection

After years of research and development, Galaxkey blends a perfect balance between the highest level of security and usability. The platform provides data protection in store as well as in transit, and features have been built keeping complete data protection in mind. Once secured using Galaxkey, your data becomes accessible only after correct authentication.


Galaxkey provides a simple user experience to allow end-users to secure emails and documents without the need to exchange multiple keys and passwords.

Integrated Platform

An integrated platform with secure collaboration and digital identity verification, all managed through one central administration console.


Stay compliant with Galaxkey's full set of features. Data is controlled, referenced, timed, and fully auditable, therefore ticking boxes for GDPR and other international data requirements.

Encryption Key Management

Galaxkey is the only platform that allows you to have complete control of the encryption keys. There are no backdoors.

We don’t store passwords

Galaxkey is designed so that passwords are not stored in any format. So you have complete control of your keys and your data.

Three layered encryption

Galaxkey's encryption model is based on the FIPS 140-2 three-layered onion model, making it practically impossible to access the encrypted data without proper access rights and authentication.

Data security for our files and email communication was fundamental in our search for a supplier to ensure our regulatory compliance. We have been very pleased with Galaxkey as a product but more importantly the support and back up when needed.

Naynesh DesaiSenior Partner, DDO Solicitors

We needed a new data control system that encompassed email and file encryption for files in storage and transit in one place and across multiple sites. Galaxkey understood the requirements from the get go and have provided a product that to date has worked flawlessly.

Yunus Mussa MayatEnterprise Architect and Information Manager, Bradford Metropolitan City Council

Unique Features

Protect your data at rest and in transit. Galaxkey provides a unique platform to ensure that all of your data can be secured at the point of action to the point where the intended recipient accesses the data. Complete end-to-end security.

Secure from any device

Encrypt and secure emails in Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and over Web. You can secure and access emails across various platforms.

File Security

Secure files on Windows and Mac at atomic level. All file formats are supported and there is no limitation on file size. Just right click and secure the file.

Share Files

Share secured files using Galaxkey Secure Workspace with users inside and outside of your organisation, with complete security and a complete audit trail.

Email Revoke

Ever sent an email by mistake? With Galaxkey’s one-click revoke button, you can stop access to your email and its attachments immediately, and at any time. Providing complete control and peace of mind.

In-built Classification

Mark your emails and files with a custom classification status providing an excellent way to prioritise the importance of an email, and helping to improve your data management. Classifications are customised based on your requirements.

Digital Document Signing

Go paperless and request a digital signature for anything that needs a legally binding and auditable name. Our Digital Document add-in helps increase efficiency, speed, and saves money.


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