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Two reasons why you need Galaxkey


Protect sensitive data

Data breaches occur due to the theft of sensitive and confidential information stored in files. It’s essential to understand that safeguarding your network, devices, and applications alone doesn’t guarantee the protection of your data.

Threats such as ransomware, phishing, or malware specifically target valuable data. Thus, the focus should be on fortifying data security alongside other protective measures.

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Prevent regulatory penalties

With the implementation of global regulatory compliances such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, businesses are obligated to safeguard their customers’ data. Data residency and data protection have become integral components of these regulations. Failure to establish appropriate controls can result in severe penalties.

While businesses may pay the fines, the repercussions of losing trust and damaging reputation far outweigh any monetary losses.

Protect your business, Protect your future

The costs of a data breach continue to rise. So do the chances of it happening to you.

1 in 5

1 in 5 companies face the risk of insolvency after a cyberattack.

$2.98 million

In 2022, the average data breach cost for businesses with fewer than 500 employees was $2.98 million USD.

$10.5 trillion

By 2025, cybercrime is estimated to cost $10.5 trillion globally.


Email Encryption

End-to-end encrypted emails sent by the sender and accessible only to the recipient. Integrates with Outlook, iOS, Android, macOS, and the web. Provides all enterprise-ready features, such as revocation, time limits, geofencing, and policy engine.

File Encryption

Secure files and folders directly on Windows and macOS based on user identity or classification. There are no limits on file size or format. Encrypted files can be edited directly with an easy user experience.

Electronic Signatures

Easily sign documents electronically and get others to sign them. Sign an unlimited number of documents with detailed audits. Sign documents from your desktop on Windows and macOS. Use pre-made templates. Completely federated approach.

Secure File Exchange

Securely share and receive large files of any type with our easy-to-use file storage and transfer service. All files are encrypted at rest, and there are no limits on file size or format. We also scan for viruses and explicit content and offer inline editing and collaboration of office file formats. Our service is completely federated, so you can easily collaborate with others who use different platforms.

Secure Archive

Cost-effectively store large volumes of encrypted archive files with access control. Supports S3, Blob, OneDrive, or any cloud storage provider. Customisable product to meet different corporate needs and demands.

Secure Instant Messaging

Federated approach to instant messaging designed specifically for B2C and B2B in mind. Provides audits and pure end-to-end encryption. Support for authorised access for audits with multi-layer encryption.


Your company’s sensitive data is undoubtedly crucial to your success. In today’s digital landscape, how can you be sure that it’s being protected to the fullest extent possible?

It’s easy to think your data is secure with all the measures you have in place. Cyberattacks happen every 39 seconds, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) becoming prime targets. The costs of a data breach are staggering, not to mention the reputational damage that comes with it.

Business man working on laptop

Don’t be a victim – choose Galaxkey for Unrivalled Security

Unlock total peace of mind

With Galaxkey, you go beyond basic data security. Our unique solution provides three layers of identity-based encryption, ensuring all your data and communications are protected at all times – even beyond your networks borders. Even if cybercriminals lay hands on your sensitive information, they won’t be able to access it.

Don’t let a breach or leak compromise your data – choose Galaxkey and experience peace of mind knowing that your information is fully secure.

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UNMATCHED DATA PROTECTION: Galaxkey's federated approach provides three levels of identity-based encryption, granting you complete control and ultimate protection over your sensitive data.



STREAMLINED AND STRUCTURED: Forget the hassle of piecing together multiple apps and software. Galaxkey houses and encrypts all your data, from emails to instant messages, contracts, and files.

Galaxkey is easy to use


SEAMLESSLY ADOPTED BY YOUR TEAM: Your team will love working with Galaxkey. Our user-friendly interface ensures easy adoption across your entire company, saving months of training time.



WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: Join businesses and government offices worldwide who trust us for our quick and responsive customer service. With offices in Europe, USA, and the Middle East & Asia, we're here for you 24/7.



RAPID IMPLEMENTATION: Galaxkey can be set up within hours, even in large enterprise networks. Whether deployed in-cloud or self-hosted, our products are designed for swift integration.

Teamwork and collaboration


ENHANCING EXISTING SECURITY: Galaxkey seamlessly integrates with your existing security setup, maximizing your protection without undoing your previous efforts.

Galaxkey: Lock down your data and communications inside and out

“Cybersecurity is a huge concern for us. We hold highly confidential information, and send 400,000+ emails/wk.

Since installing Galaxkey we’ve had complete peace of mind that all our emails and files are totally secure.

We can communicate internally and externally with complete confidence”.

Yunus, Enterprise Architect and Systems Services Manager, Bradford City Council

Protecting your data is simple


Talk With Our Team

Request a free 30-minute demo to see how Galaxkey works. We'll arrange a time that suits you.


Deploy Galaxkey

Our quick and easy process gets you up and running without delay. Our customer support is always ready to assist.


Secure Everything

Sleep soundly, knowing your data is never at risk. Gain the confidence that your information is safe and your reputation intact.

You may be wondering…

What is Galaxkey?

Galaxkey is a data protection product, encryption platform, and secure workspace. Your data will always be safely encrypted, whether sitting on your servers or being sent to partners and stakeholders.

Is Galaxkey easy to use?

Yes! Even the Galaxkey team's (non-technical) parents have been known to use it from time to time to send confidential documents or passwords.

Isn’t TLS enough?

TLS is somewhat secure, but no longer meets email security standards. The only way to send emails with maximum security is Pre-Internet Encryption (PIE) - which Galaxkey is built on. When you press the "secure-and-send" Galaxkey button, your data is locked down under 3 layers of encryption to be sent safetly over any network – accessible only by the intended recipients.

Which Platforms does Galaxkey support?

The team at Galaxkey work hard to support all platforms. We have over 60 developers working constantly to make sure that you get complete support on every major platform - from Windows & Mac, to Aerospace & Healthcare platforms.

What if we already use ____ software?

You can easily deploy Galaxkey within any environment, so you never have to feel like you’ve wasted your budget. Galaxkey is the final layer of security you need to be truly secure.

How much does Galaxkey cost?

Galaxkey is priced per email identity, with bulk discounts for enterprise applications. Schedule a demo or contact us to determine your investment.

Do we really need more security?

Companies cannot ignore data protection and security even if they’ve spent millions on threats detection and prevention products. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, so do security standards. Data protection and communication privacy are an absolute necessity, not a nice-to-have.

Data Encryption Keys


Protecting your data isn’t just about compliance; it’s about being seen as a business that takes security seriously. With Galaxkey, you gain complete control over the sensitive information you hold, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep and maintaining your data and reputation’s integrity.

Book a FREE 30-minute demo to add the final layer of security to your systems. Will you be the next data breach on the news, or will your data and communications remain truly secure?

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