We help companies do three things

We Secure Emails

Simple to use email encryption to protect and control entire emails: message, attachments and files with powerful security features.


We Secure Documents

Protects files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. Letting you protect your confidential data in a compliant way.

We provide secure collaboration

Share and collaborate securely with teams of internal and external users. Your data is always secure and under your control.

Most important features

No Limit On File Size
There is no limit on the size of emails or documents
Works on desktops, mobiles and from a web browser
Built-in support for recorded delivery
Set timeout for emails to automatically expire content


Revoke emails sent in error.
Support for classification for emails
Policy management to enforce encryption
Enables companies to get GDPR and other international regulatory compliances

Own IT

  • Control and protect your data on your terms
  • Any data, any place, any time
  • Always available and where you want it, never lose track

Control IT

  • Access your encrypted data from anywhere in the world
  • Lock your files to a geographical location, domain, or network
  • Full auditing facilities to track access

Protect IT

  • Galaxkey is your all-in-one data protection solution
  • Fully compliant with FIPS 140-2 uses 2048-bit encryption
  • Providing end to end security for emails and documents, in transit and in store

Find out if Galaxkey is right for you. Have a demo.

Easy to use & works on multiple platforms

Galaxkey provides complete end-to-end security across multiple platforms.

Galaxkey provides an easy to use interface without the hassle of complex exchange of encryption keys and passwords.

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