About Us

Every great innovation is born out of a need to solve a problem

Every great innovation is born out of a need to solve a problem Galaxkey was born from the need to create a security platform with the highest level of encryption while offering a simple-to-understand user interface. After exploring multiple models from 2010 to 2014, co- founders Randhir Shinde and Ricky Magalhaes developed Galaxkey’s most secure platform.

With three layers of encryption, the revolutionary solution proved impenetrable, with no back-door vulnerabilities. Following initial testing, we worked from 2015 to 2016, creating an application that allowed end users to encrypt and secure both emails and files over a web interface, and via a wide range of products including Windows Outlook, iOS, Android and macOS X.

Moving into 2017, we saw institutions and businesses such as University College London, Bradford City Council and a large airports authority in Middle East adopt the secure platform. That same year also saw Sir George Zambellas become our Executive Chairman, bringing his experience, vision, and incredible depth of knowledge of all levels of security to the company.

Sir George had served as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff for the three years prior to joining us. The latest commercial Galaxkey Workspace platform has now evolved to include secure file sharing and safe collaboration. Our vision is to create the most formidable encryption platform that puts complete control into the hands of users via a simple-to-follow interface – one that works across all platforms.

Executive Team Members

Sir George Zambellas

Admiral Sir George Zambellas, Chair

Sir George Zambellas was First Sea Lord from 2013 until 2016, a period that delivered the wholesale reset of the Royal Navy’s global authority and focus. After a 36 year military career, Sir George has moved seamlessly into an inter-related tech portfolio, in robotics, encryption and data security, cyber security and the utilisation of AI in improved management performance, and in data monetisation.

Randhir Shinde, Chief Executive Officer

Randhir is an avid technology enthusiast, a hands-on technologist, creator, coder, developer and business leader with technology expertise expanding more than 20 years. Randhir has founded, grown and steered three notable technology establishments all of which continue to be successful.

We don't believe you should be paying the Earth to protect your data.

Our licences are very affordable and include:

All our products can be cloud or self hosted

Why use Galaxkey to secure your communication and collaboration?

  • Unique, deep level encryption keys. You have complete control over your own keys. No-one else can access them.
  • User-friendly software. We make everything simple for you and your clients. Easy to use, and highly secure.
  • Customer service we’re proud of. We’re here to support you. Our services are flexible & adaptable to meet your unique needs.
  • Quick response times. Organisations around the world trust us to respond quickly. We’re based in the UK, with offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
  • Competitive pricing. Our low-cost licences are great value for money and regularly save our customers a ton of money.
  • Email & file encryption, secure file sharing and digital document signing. We’ve got it all covered. You’re in safe hands.