About Us

The Galaxkey Story

At Galaxkey, we recognise that protecting networks and devices is a critical part of the security equation. However, we believe that safeguarding data itself is equally, if not more, essential.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to developing a security platform that prioritises data protection through advanced encryption techniques. Our solution not only secures your communication and collaboration but also ensures that your critical data remains protected, regardless of its location or the devices used to access it.

Founded in 2010, Galaxkey has been a pioneering force in the field of data protection for over a decade. With our headquarters based in the UK, we have expanded our reach to include offices in the USA, India, and the UAE, enabling us to serve customers worldwide.

Today, we are proud to have helped thousands of businesses and organisations safeguard their critical data, and we remain committed to providing world-class security solutions to all our clients.

Our Executive Team

Sir George Zambellas, Chair, Galaxkey Ltd

Admiral Sir George Zambellas, Chair

Sir George Zambellas is a distinguished former First Sea Lord of the British Royal Navy. During his three-year tenure as First Sea Lord, he oversaw the Strategic Defence and Security Review and successfully reset the Royal Navy’s global authority and focus.

Since then, Sir George’s love of emerging technologies has led him to become a leading figure in robotics, encryption, data security, and AI. As an engineer by training, Sir George’s love of these technologies has led to a dedication to promote fresh thinking and innovation.


Randhir Shinde, Chief Executive Officer

Randhir Shinde is a technology expert, entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Galaxkey with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Randhir possesses qualities such as focus, optimism, flexibility, strong communication skills, and action orientation that have contributed to his success. His entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in technology, and business acumen make him a valuable asset to any organisation needing his expertise.

Protecting your data with Galaxkey

At the heart of our success lies our proprietary three-layered encryption model, which has proven to be impenetrable with no back-door vulnerabilities. We understand that in today's increasingly complex and interconnected digital landscape, data breaches are a significant threat to businesses of all sizes. That's why we have designed our security platform to offer a robust and secure solution that is easy to use, ensuring that our clients can focus on what they do best – running their businesses. Whether it's securing email communication, sharing sensitive files, or digital document signing, Galaxkey has got it all covered.

Cloud-Based or Self-Hosted Solutions

Why use Galaxkey to secure your communication and collaboration?

Data encryption for enterprise

  • Unique, deep-level encryption keys. You have complete control over your own keys. No one else can access them.
  • User-friendly software. We make everything simple for you and your clients. Easy to use and highly secure.
  • Customer service we’re proud of. We’re here to support you. Our services are flexible & adaptable to meet your unique needs.
  • Quick response times. Organisations around the world trust us to respond quickly. Based in the UK, we also have offices in Europe, MEA and the USA.
  • Competitive pricing. Our licences are great value for money and regularly save our customers a ton of money.
  • Email & file encryption, secure file sharing and digital document signing. We’ve got it all covered. You’re in safe hands.

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