About Galaxkey

What Is Galaxkey?

Galaxkey is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform. The data can be protected on any device, in any cloud and on any network or platform. The Galaxkey platform is flexible and extensible and it offers data protection through access control and enhanced confidentiality, while maintaining the integrity of the data in transit and when stored. The highest level of availability to authorised users is maintained. All in all, Galaxkey provides end-to-end security within an easy-to-use platform.

What is the Galaxkey vision?

At Galaxkey, we believe that everyone has the right to the privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. We believe in data protection for all, on any device, anywhere and at any time. This is what Galaxkey provides to the data owner, in an easy-to-use platform.

What can I use Galaxkey for?

Galaxkey can be used: – to protect your data stored on devices, as well as when you need to transfer data over any network so that you can ensure full security. – to share data securely over any network, including over the internet. – to send secure emails and make sure they not intercepted, accessed or modified by anyone other than the intended recipient. – to verify who has sent the email. You can ensure that the email, sent protected by Galaxkey, definitely came from the user who sent it. – to sign emails and documents digitally and verify the identity of the user that sent the email, out-of-band, in a secure way. Galaxkey lab is a hive of innovation, so please keep checking our website for new solutions. So many features are built into our software and we’re happy to discuss these with you. Please contact support@galaxkey.com or take a look at our datasheets for more solutions.

What about TLS? Is it not secure?

TLS is secure but only in part and with no assurance. It’s no longer acceptable in cybersecurity circles as an assured means of securing email. With TLS, if the certificate is out of date or invalid, it reverts to clear text. Additionally, the end user has no way of knowing how the store-and-forward has worked and whether it was secure or not from end to end. The only way to make certain is through using Pre Internet Encryption (PIE). Galaxkey uses PIE, thus the user is assured when they press the secure-and-send Galaxkey button that the data is enveloped in our secure tech, and is sent over any network securely – accessible only by the intended recipients.

How do you fare against your competitors?

We know that we have an exceptionally fast algorithm that beats our competitors on all devices! We know that we have fantastic, unique features that our competitors have not yet thought of! We know that we have a team of great people working for us and with us. Seriously – they are a very smart bunch! Why not get in touch and ask us?

How Galaxkey Works

Does the recipient need a Galaxkey application to open what I send them?

No, all Galaxkey secured files can be opened in a web browser. However, when working offline a native application is the only way to decrypt these protected files. Hence, if you are working on a plane or train (for example) and have no internet access you should download the app.

What does a user need to do to read a Galaxkey Secured Email sent to them?

All a user must do is register on the Galaxkey website. Once they have registered they can either use the website to access data, files and emails or they can use the native applications that the Galaxkey team has built for the supported platforms.

How do I know who is using Galaxkey?

When you send an email or share a file, the application indicates who is using Galaxkey. If the user is not using the software, they will be invited to securely collaborate with you. The user will then be guided through the same process (as when you joined) and 30 seconds later they will have an account.

How can I tell if the receipient is reading the email I have sent?

There is a signed-for option in our email application that lets the sender get a notification when the recipient opens the email. If the recipient does not accept the email, the sender will get a rejection and the recipient will not be able to decrypt the email or file.

Can I sign my emails with Galaxkey?

Yes, you can sign any email and this achieves two things. Firstly, you will know that it came from who you thought it came from (the person that signed the document or email) and secondly, you will know it has not been tampered with or intercepted.

Can I verify the identity of the sender?

Yes, you can verify the identity and get assurance that the person (that sent you the email) is in fact the person that you thought it was. So, it can help to stop phishing, whaling and spear phishing.

Does Galaxkey check the identity out-of-hand?

Yes, to verify the identity. Galaxkey uses an out-of-band mechanism to check the identity of the user and also to check if the user is authenticated and whether the user signed for that email. Thus you know that it is that email that the person sent and that they typed in a password to send it. The password is also different from Windows (those are much easier to compromise). You are also able to use fingerprint readers with Galaxkey and any biometric solution that we support.

Can I use Touch ID on Apple devices?

Yes, we were the first company to use Touch ID for encryption.

Is Galaxkey easy to use?

Yes, it’s very easy to use. From time to time, even our non-technical parents use it to send confidential documents or passwords.

Is there any weakness in Galaxkey?

We don’t know of any. If we hear of one or find one, we will work endlessly to fix it. We have not found one yet.

Wow, you've really thought this through!

Thank you, we have been building this platform for over ten years.

Supported Platforms

Which Platforms does Galaxkey support?

The team at Galaxkey work hard to support all platforms. We have over 60 developers working persistently to make sure that you get the best support on the following platforms: • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 • Android • Apple iOS • Apple Mac • Blackberry • Samsung Knox • Chrome • IE • Microsoft Titan • Firefox • Safari • Tesla Linux OS variant • IoT (platforms, Various) • Aerospace platforms (Various) • Satellite platforms (Various) • Healthcare platforms (Various) • And many more, we aim to support everything we can develop on, You can download our Native Applications from https://manager.galaxkey.com/Downloads

Cloud Protection

Is my data going to the cloud?

When you send an email, by its very nature, it goes to the cloud and traverses many servers. That’s why we built Galaxkey -so that you can easily secure the email or file whist its being transmitted.

What if I don't want any of my data in the cloud?

Galaxkey assures all customers that unencrypted data is never sent to the cloud when using Galaxkey products.


Which Models does Galaxkey support?

Galaxkey is extremely flexible. We support on-premise, cloud, and virtually any model you can think of. The majority of the Galaxkey team has worked in IT for over 20 years. We enjoy a challenge and are determined and flexible enough to make things happen. • Hybrid Cloud The hybrid solution is when a customer has their own server onsite. It is simple to install and within 10 minutes the customer can store files onsite. This functionality enables features such as geo-fencing, which allows the customer to keep the data in the jurisdiction of their choice. You can even confine the data to a building! • Fully public cloud The fully public cloud solution is where every component is in the cloud. The solution is compatible with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and many other service provider clouds. It is very extensible and flexible. • Fully Private cloud Everything is private on your cloud and there are no public key lookups to the public cloud. • Private cloud with public key lookup With this model the customer has everything onsite but a public key lookup is automatically done when the customer needs to communicate or share a file with someone that is not in their company. This is the default model and the customer does not have to do anything special for it to work.

Cloud Storage

Which cloud platforms does Galaxkey work on?

Our technology can protect any file on Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and any other popular sharing or storage platform. When it’s uploaded to the cloud and leaves the computer, it’s fully protected, meaning you are always in control of your data. We’ve tested Galaxkey on many cloud storage platforms and have yet to find one it doesn’t work on.

Working Offline

Can I use Galaxkey when I am offline?

Yes, you can, If the recipients public keys are cached (they get cached on each device when you communicate with the recipient for the first time). If you are offline and send a secure email or try to share a document securely, Galaxkey will not be able to automatically download the key to protect the document. Unless, you are on the fully private cloud solution and are connected to that key server. You are able to protect any file for yourself when offline as your public key is automatically cached on your device/machine, this includes access to the vault.

Galaxkey Vault

What is the Galaxkey vault?

The Galaxkey vault is an area on your device that allows you to easily encrypt any data by a simple drag and drop. You can drag any file into the vault and Galaxkey will automatically protect the data. The data in the vault is protected even if the file is moved out of the vault into another folder. Once encrypted, to decrypt you need to authenticate to access the data.

What does the Galaxkey vault do?

The Galaxkey vault secures any data that is transferred by drag and drop, or copy and paste into the vault.

Galaxkey Authentication

Do you support Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

Yes, we support multifactor authentication. This includes two factor authentication (2FA). We support passive and active MFA including, biometrics and One Time Passwords (OTPs).We recommend MFA to avoid password interception, sniffing and other issues that your operating system may expose you to.

How does Galaxkey support MFA?

Magic! No seriously, if you need to know this, we can take you through all the options. Please contact support@Galaxkey.com for further details.

Key Management

What is a key?

A key is a mathematical computed string that can exist in symmetric or asymmetric form. Galaxkey multiplexes this (we have some very smart people that have done maths at some of the top universities, globally). Symmetric keys are like passwords and pass phrases whereas asymmetric keys are in pairs, typically the public key and private key. The public key is used to encrypt and the private key is used to decrypt. Galaxkey uses both to enhance the protection. The rest is our secret source! Only you have your private key. In corporate environments, the company can reset keys if forgotten. Everything is logged (in detail) and you are always notified when keys are reset.

Does Galaxkey have my Key?

If you are a paying customer of Galaxkey, we guarantee that we don’t have your key! We can prove this to you by showing you the source code (once you sign a legal document agreeing not to edit our code or distribute it to anyone). Galaxkey is our IP and we will protect it. If you have a free account we could get access to your key if required and if you asked us to manage it. This is only for legal or law enforcement purposes. We protect your identity and your key if we have it. However, you can opt out of Galaxkey having access to your key.

How can I be sure that Galaxkey doesn't have my key?

To be absolutely sure you can install a Galaxkey server onsite to generate your keys. Unlike many of our competitors, Galaxkey will let you do this. Additionally, we will allow you to review the source code and compile it on your site so that you know we have not built in any nasty backdoors. Also, it is possible to link your key to your fingerprint. We can assure you that we don’t have that in any way or form!

Well then, how do you explain that I can send an email to someone else and it just encrypts with ease?

Galaxkey have a Public Key Directory (PKD). This directory is a global directory for everyone to use with a copy of your current public key. Public keys are meant to be shared for this reason and we do this as part of our service, for our clients and anyone that registers.

What ciphers are you using?

We use a special mix of ciphers and in a special way. However, they are all ciphers that are recognised and that have been resiliently checked and designed for strength. For more information, please contact us.

Can anyone break your ciphers?

Anything could eventually be broken but presently, no.

What is the length of your keys?

We can set the length to any length that your hardware can handle. By default its AES 256 and PKI 2048

Can I choose my keys?

Yes! Talk to us and we can help you.

Can I choose my ciphers?

Yes, if discussed. If you don’t contact us about this our default secret sauce is used.

Can Galaxkey be weaponised?

No! We have a self-protection mechanism that does not allow this to happen. You have the key and in some case you are the key, when using our advanced biometrics. Thus you should never lose access to your data.

What happens if I can't remember my passwords?

You can reset it, if we manage the key or if you pay for a licence. However, if neither of these are true you could lose access to the data (if you have not made a backup of the key, for free accounts, or if you have decided against Galaxkey managing your key). There are no backdoors, so we can’t help you if you choose not to follow our guidance.

What happens if I lose my password?

If you lose your password and you are a corporate user, your system administrator can reset your password. If you are not a paying user, your account will have to be deleted and you will not be able to access the data that you have encrypted with the lost password, there is no backdoor! If you would like the ability to reset your password you can register for a corporate account once you purchase a licence from a partner. We have partners in over 120 countries so we can point you in the right direction if you contact info@galaxkey.com


What does Galaxkey cost, is it free?

Galaxkey is free for personal use. Corporates will need to buy a license depending on their requirements. For pricing and further details please contact us and we can put you in touch with a partner. Alternatively, check our website.

Can I buy Galaxkey for my company?

Sure! You will need to contact our sales@galaxkey.com or one of our partners in your region.

How does the pricing work?

We price the technology per email identity. A licence is required for each corporate identity and yes, the more licences you require the more cost effective the solution becomes. Please see our product page on this website for a description of each product.

Installation & Deployment

How long does it take to install?

You can install Galaxkey on any modern device in less than two minutes. This includes signup on the website-If you type really slowly, it may be slightly longer!

How do I deploy Galaxkey to my users if I am running a network?

All you will need to do is email the users. If the users have administrative access to their machines they can install the applications, if not, they can use the zero install option which is a web browser. You can also use Microsoft SCCM, Altiris and other tools such as login scripts to deploy the application to the users machines. It is possible to deploy to 10,000 users in a day.

How do I find the version of Galaxkey for Windows/Galaxkey Add-in?

To find the installed version of the Galaxkey Add-in and Galaxkey for Windows: - Go on the Galaxkey website. - Click on the menu button to open more options. - Click on “Download our software.” - Download the top app named “Galaxkey.” To locate the version for Outlook: - Launch Outlook. - Go to Galaxkey ribbon menu. - Click the “About” button. Here, the current installed version of Add-in is displayed. To view the latest version for the Galaxkey for Windows application: - Click the tray menu icon. The installed version is displayed in the right-hand corner To find the latest version available of Galaxkey Add-in you can visit the website https://manager.galaxkey.com/downloads. Please Note: If there is a new version available and your corporate configuration allows auto update, you will be prompted to update the software.

How do I find the version of the Galaxkey Manager Portal?

To find the version of the Galaxkey Manager Portal, Go to the manager portal login page. 2. In the login page, you can see the version of the portal at the bottom of the login dialog To get the latest version available for installation you can visit the website https://manager.galaxkey.com/downloads


What is a backdoor?

A backdoor is some code and a system that allows people, systems and platforms to get into the encryption or system.

Why do people build backdoors?

Some competitors build them into their platforms to comply with certain government regulations and accreditations.

Does Galaxkey have any backdoors?


How can I be sure that there are no backdoors?

If you are a paying user, we can get a copy of the source code to you for review. Once you sign our NDA you are then free to review it.

But I am not a programmer, how do I know what I am looking for?

If you are serious about reviewing code there are many independent organisations that will do this for you. We will work with you to get this operation complete.

How do I know that you don't swap the code once I have reviewed it?

After you review the code, with an independent party of your choosing, you are free to compile it yourself or with assistance from a developer and then install it on your premise without our involvement.

I am still not sure, I don't want my install to speak to any Galaxkey servers.

It is possible to Run Galaxkey in a completely private cloud without any internet access, this is typically used for diplomatic offices and military installations.

What about the bad guys?

Bad guys do use encryption. If they do we will do whatever we can to stop them. However, firstly whoever claims that they are using it unscrupulously must prove, in a court of law, that this is the case before we can help. We must state very clearly that there are no backdoors, so what we can offer with regards to assistance is limited.


Can Galaxkey see my data?


Can Galaxkey access my data?

No! Even if we magically got your key, we do not have your data. You have it and you are always in control of your key.

Where is my data?

On a secure server, in a geo-location of you choosing.

How can I be sure that you are not stealing my data?

Your data is protected by your private key. We would need your fingerprint or your credentials to open your files or emails.

If I am an admin & one of my users leaves what happens to the data?

As an admin you can use your admin account to decrypt the data. The user will be notified that you have accessed the data and so will the other admins, automatically.

Can I stop this notification?

Yes, if you send an email in writing to Galaxkey from the CEO, CFO or COO of your company. The data is the asset of the company and the organisation, paying for the licence, is the holder of the keys.

What if all my admins die?

You as the organisation should have a backup of the keys. The system keeps prompting you to make a backup every time you login. You make this backup when you signup the first time.

Can my backup be stored on a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

Yes, we support the top vendors in HSM as well as many others.


Can Galaxkey GeoFence my data?

Yes! Isn’t that cool? We can keep the data in your jurisdiction so that foreign entities cannot access it. They would not get it anyway as Galaxkey’s architecture is strong but just so that you sleep easy, we also GeoFence the data.

How do I select the Geo?

For now we do it based on where you have signed up from. In the future there will be an option for you to choose.

What happens if I signup when I am on holiday & I want to change my Geo?

Email us! However, in the near future you will be able to change it yourself.


If I decide not to use Galaxkey can I move off the platform?


Is it easy to move off the platform?


Is it easy to move from another platform to Galaxkey?

Yes, in most cases. Our experienced team will help you do this. In fact, we spend most of our time migrating from other platforms to ours.

If I stop paying Galaxkey what will happen to my data?

Nothing! You can keep accessing it but you will not be able to encrypt and protect new files and emails any longer.

Will I lose any data if I stop subscribing?


File Security

Can I share a file from my desktop using Galaxkey?

Yes, you can. Right click the file and click share. Then create the group, add a user to the group and click share.

Where does my file go?

The file is encrypted on your machine with your public key and the recipients public key. It is then uploaded to a secure location. An email is sent to the user, telling them that they are part of a shared group and the file is downloaded to their machine.

How many files can I store online?

Up to 5 GB free of charge and after that we charge a small fee.

What happens if I don't want to pay for storage?

You can store the files on your own server, if you like, or provide us with your cloud account details if you want us to link to that.

Can I secure other cloud storage?

Yes, you can secure any cloud platform. Including: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, SugarSync, Sinology, Cisco, GoogleDrive and many others.

How do I decrypt a file?

Double click the file, if you have the application installed, and type in your credentials. After the first one, your profile is open for a brief time so that you can decrypt more files. After the “settable timeout”, you will need to authenticate.


What is Workspace?

A recent addition to Galaxkey, Workspace provides the facility to share and collalorate securely with teams of internal and external users.

Is there a limit to file size?

No, with Galaxkey Workspace there is no limit on file size or format. Files can be dragged and dropped or uploaded to the Workspace.

So like Dropbox then?

Not exactly, our Workspace is entirely secure, and all files contained are encrypted using our powerful encryption technology. This means you can work on data collaboratively but most important securely.

Can I define access rights?

Yes, our Workspace is very intelligent! Once you have created a Workspace, you can add as many users to it as you like. Each user is given specific rights as to what they can do with data within the Workspace. You define the rules for each person.

Can I share editing a file?

The great thing with our Workspace is multiple people can be editing a document at the same time. Different versions are saved so at any time you can refer back to an earlier version.

How do you invite users?

Whenever you add a new user, they are automatically emailed and told about the file. A free Galaxkey account is then created they need to enter there email address and a password to create the account, and that’s it.


How do I get support?

Simply email us or call your reseller. Support is available via email from 9:00-17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, give us a call on +44 (0) 333 150 6660 Extension 3. Whether you have a licence or not, we’d love to talk to you.

I really need to speak with you, I have lost my password-can you help me?

We will not be able to help you, you will need your password and we don’t know it. That’s why we ask you to remember your password when you register!

Can I pay someone to get me back into the system?

I am sure many people will want to take your money but unless they can crack high-end encryption (being used by the world’s top banks and NASA), I don’t think they are going to get in.

But I know this guy that is really good at computers!

Still no, sorry… make a backup of your identity and take note of your credentials and/or associate your key with your fingerprint.

Can I work at Galaxkey, I love you guys?

We have limited spaces. We are growing, if you send us your CV and the reasons you want to work for us we will consider you. Competitors, we know your tricks, stop applying for jobs!


Tell me how Galaxkey can help us with compliance & regulations

Take a look at the Compliance section of our website for full details.

Unanswered Questions

What should I do if I have unanswered questions?

If we have not addressed all of your questions, please let us know. We endeavour to keep our FAQ up to date and keep everyone well informed. Please email us at info@Galaxkey.com , we are more than happy to help.

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