Galaxkey About

Encryption is at the heart of what we do, but it’s far from all we do...

Galaxkey is headquartered in London in the United Kingdom, but operates in many countries around the world, serving all corporate sectors.

We are a data protection company that addresses the security, management and protection of sensitive data, transmitted and stored. Galaxkey addresses the data protection requirements of law, compliance, standards and regulations. All with one simple to use platform!

We provide industry-leading and highly innovative products to enable businesses to protect their data and give individuals the power to control it.

We provide full-service data management, rather than just one part of it!

Galaxkey provides quick, straightforward data management services to business, enabling companies to protect data and retain their customers’ ownership and control of it.

We believe that balance of power needs readdressing. Galaxkey enables businesses to ensure that their data is safe, and it means that customers are rightly in control of their data, so their data is treated in an ethical, safe and transparent manner.

Data security is a pressing issue for business, making Galaxkey’s simple, effective and easy to use solutions welcome and necessary.