More companies than ever are switching to signing documents digitally. Flexible and secure, digital document signing offers firms a fully auditable option that is compliant with data protection regulations and signatures that are legally accepted by UK courts. Read on for 12 reasons why modern firms should use digital document signing to replace wet ink signatures.

Cost saving

To keep competitive, every firm must improve its bottom line. With no printing, postal or courier costs, digital document signing is a far less expensive way to complete contracts.


Entirely digital, e-signatures can be employed at any hour and from any location, making them exceptionally convenient.


Green credentials are required by companies to be successful in the modern business world. Presenting a low-carbon option for signing, e-signatures make the paperless office more possible.

Time saving

Unlike the days and weeks lost when forms and agreements are finished with a traditional signature, digital document signing can be completed in seconds.

Highly Secure

Using cutting-edge encryption, digital document signing can validate signatories and ensure no unauthorised entity accesses information for premier levels of data security.

Legally admissible

Documents signed digitally are legally admissible, satisfying UK legislation.

Fully trackable

Digital signing provides full traceability and transparency when required. All activities and interaction involved in the signing process are recorded including document ID, creator and recipient signatory usernames and IDs, the date of signing, IP addresses, device types, operating system sand browsers used. The ability to access these logs can quickly identify any unauthorised interactions.

Completely compliant

State-of-the-art digital document signing solutions are designed to be compliant with a full list of regulation including eIDAS, GDPR, UETA and the ESIGN Act.


Company users can customise their signature, contributing to improved levels of flexibility. Signatures can be added in parallel or sequentially according to requirements, and businesses can even include their company stamp as a mark of legitimacy.

Safe collaboration

E-signatures enhance collaboration, making working together with colleagues, whether internally or with external partners and consultants, more streamlined and secure.

Fully portable

For enhanced agility and convenience, digital signatures can be executed on any writeable device. As a result, signatories can use desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, iPads and even web browsers to complete documents.

Automated alerts

To help admins and signatories keep track of document signing processes, automated alerts are included in digital signature solution. From reminders when a signature is required to notifications when a document is complete, this useful service can fast-track the signing process.

Digital document signing to suit your needs

If you are looking for a cutting-edge digital document signing solution for your firm, you can count on us here at Galaxkey. Our innovative and comprehensive solution can offer your company all the above benefits and more. If you would like to explore the advantages of e-signatures first-hand you can access a free two-week trial of our solution.

To keep your company operating at the forefront of its field with the latest technology available for secure document signing, get in touch with our expert team today.