While wet ink signatures were once the norm for completing important business documents, electronic solutions have risen in popularity in recent years. Not only quick and convenient, electronic document signing is also a more secure option that helps companies keep compliant with important regulations. However, this only skims the surface of what electronic signature solutions can offer enterprises. In this blog, we’ll take a detailed look at electronic document signing and its full potential for your firm.

Does your company have a competitive edge?

Adding a traditional signature to a contract can take between days to weeks to complete. When business transactions are time sensitive, this can take far too long. However, with electronic signing, the process can be completed in minutes. Whether signatories are located across the country or in different time zones around the world, no delays are caused by lengthy postal times and courier routes to get documents signed. Electronic signatures are also easier for admins to track, keeping workflow smooth and efficient for higher rates of productivity. Being able to close deals or secure contracts quickly also functions to keep companies competitive.

How green are your enterprise’s credentials?

Completing contracts in the conventional fashion requires printed materials, stationery and, often, unrecyclable inks. It also can involve unavoidable road and air miles when couriers are used to convey important documents, resulting in greater emissions. Electronic document signing negates these needs, helping companies earn a greener reputation with investors, customers and environmental regulators.

What do you spend on contract completions?

A traditional approach to contract signing also costs far more than using electronic options. Renting or buying printing equipment, purchasing printing materials, postage and courier costs all add up, but documents sent and electronically-added signatures remove these unnecessary costs immediately.

How secure are your business transactions?

Perhaps the most enviable aspect of electronic document signing for enterprises is the greater security it provides. Issued electronically, documents can be protected with end-to-end encryption. This ensures that no entity other than the sender and their intended recipient have the ability to view or make changes to a document, whether it is a contractual agreement or an important invoice.

Electronic signatures can also be validated to ensure that only legitimate signatories add their names to documents. Electronic document signing also offers companies the ability to track every stage of the signing process while providing a traceable trail of every interaction to prove that enterprises have acted in compliance with legislation.

Finally, just like wet ink signatures, electronic signatures are legally binding and are admissible in a UK court of law.

Enhance the way you operate with electronic signatures

If your firm is looking to work smarter and more swiftly while staying secure, it can count on Galaxkey for robust support. We have designed a state-of-the-art electronic document signing solution that uses end-to-end encryption approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

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