While it is understood that the torrents of spam currently launched at enterprise mail systems are a nuisance, they can be exceptionally damaging to companies too. Today’s business-grade email providers are constantly sharpening the strength of their protective filters to block and safely contain spam from entering employee’s accounts. Despite this, malicious actors are still able to use cleverly designed techniques to circumnavigate such defences and reach staff members.

In the next sections, we’ll take a closer look at why messages that may initially just seem annoying can actually cause companies a great deal of trouble when they get past conventional systems.

Slowing productivity

Even the most innocuous spam can still cause problems for firms. Inboxes that are filled with useless emails can make it hard for employees to see important messages, and missing key communications can often have serious consequences. Simply having to report spam or dispose of it is a time-consuming process, and time is money for companies trying to stay competitive.

Devastating data breaches

The most devious kind of spam will include phishing messages. These insidious attacks will appear to be from reputable senders and are carefully designed to create trust. Engineered to fool recipients into acting, their end goal may be to acquire personal or private information, steal credentials or drop a malicious payload.

These spam emails often include a link or an urgent request to download a file. If the recipient executes the download, malicious software starts to run, such as ransomware that can lock firms out of their files or spyware that observes and transmits confidential activity. Links may also lead to malicious downloads or take users to fake sites where their credentials are stolen.

All these unwanted scenarios will result in a company data breach. As well as loss to a businesses’ reputation, these attacks can be expensive for firms. Investigation and remediation measures come at a price and if a firm is found to have taken inadequate steps to protect data, further costs ensue. Data regulators can deal out huge fines to negligent firms, and customers who have their private information exposed often seek financial compensation.

Enhanced protection from Galaxkey

While the best protection against spam and phishing messages is awareness, Galaxkey can prepare you for the worst-case scenario. We have designed a system that allows enterprises to safeguard their private data files and emails with formidable encryption.

If your employees give access to their accounts over to a malicious actor in a phishing scam, the infiltrator will not be able to steal or tamper with your confidential data. Whether your staff are sending emails or have outboxes containing sensitive messages, our encryption will make it entirely indecipherable to intruders. If you are storing data files on your on-premise server or in the cloud, you can encrypt information with no restrictions regarding file size.

Protect your private data from the threats contained in spam today with a free trial of our encryption solution. Contact us now to get started.