As IT professionals, we all know how important it is to protect sensitive data when it’s being transmitted through emails. After all, emails often contain personal or confidential information that could be devastating if it falls into the wrong hands. That’s why email encryption is such a vital tool for businesses, schools, and local governments.

TLS encryption: a popular but limited solution

Unfortunately, hackers are always looking for ways to intercept emails during transmission, which is why Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, which can scramble the contents of an email, has become so popular. However, TLS encryption can’t protect emails when they’re at rest or prevent data spillages, which occur when an employee accidentally sends an email containing sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

Accidents happen: the risks of data spillage and breaches

Accidents can happen, and the consequences can be serious. If an employee sends an email that contains personal, private, or confidential data and accidentally sends it to the wrong recipient, it could result in a data breach. While the sensitive data was sent in error and without malice, it can still be viewed by an unauthorized individual.

Imagine the same scenario, where an email is sent to the wrong recipient. If the message was protected with end-to-end encryption, the data would remain safe and inaccessible to anyone without a decryption key. Even if an email is sent to the wrong recipient, the sensitive data remains protected.

End-to-end email encryption: a powerful tool for data protection

End-to-end encryption can protect emails both during transmission and when they’re at rest, making it a powerful tool for data protection. With end-to-end encryption, the data within the email is indecipherable to anyone without a decryption key, meaning that even if an email is sent to the wrong recipient, the sensitive data remains safe.

Galaxkey’s robust email encryption solution

At Galaxkey, we understand the importance of data protection and offer a robust email encryption solution that can safeguard your data at all times. Our solution adds three layers of protection to both the body of your emails and any attachments, ensuring total security. If you’re concerned about potential data spillages and damaging breaches, we encourage you to try our solution for yourself with a free trial

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