BBC’s technology reporter, Chris Foxx, explains encryption in an easy to understand manner.  Encryption may seem like a difficult concept to get one’s head around and it is great to see that the BBC have put together a video to explain encryption and its enviable uses in a way that is simple for everyone to understand.

Encryption is an area that is heavily debated presently.  Individuals and organisations are realising the increased necessity to secure their data and the utilisation of an encryption solution is a means to do this. For many organisations the data asset is critical to their business and functioning and this is something that must be properly secured.  Many organisations handle and process sensitive and personally identifiable data and to remain legally compliant the information must remain secure and private at all times.  The realisation of the increased value of the data asset as well as the increase in sophistication of hacking technologies and thus their increased success rate, is making encryption a priority for those who endeavour to keep their data safe.

Email is a commonly used form of communication within business and the information sent via email often contains sensitive information that must remain secure.  Many services/websites that are regularly used, such as online banking, utilise encryption as common practice to secure customer data.  Individuals and companies are now taking to secure their own data, opting to secure their data independently, so that they can guarantee that their information is only seen by those that they choose and if it is intercepted, during transit, the information is illegible.

An encryption solution aims to assist individuals and organisations in securing their data.  The security of one’s data is only as secure as the solution is secure.  Governments would prefer that encrypted data remains accessible to them and law enforcement and are encouraging providers to create backdoors into encryption solutions.  There has been much debate around this, with governments demanding this as a requirement to aid in crime and terrorism prevention.  Many disagree as an encryption solution with the presence of backdoors is no longer secure and if a backdoor is present it can be used for malicious purposes too (if the data is accessible to governments and law enforcement it can be assessable to criminals as well). This remains a heated debate.

It is important that everyone has an understanding of encryption and the BBC have done an excellent job at simplifying the concept.  With an understanding of the concept people are able to make the informed decision on whether the solution is necessary for them or not.

Follow the link and take a moment to watch the Video….