Encryption is designed to safeguard data kept on a device or in network storage. Every enterprise, from start-ups to global corporations, that gathers or retains personally identifiable information (PII) – such as names, email addresses, birthdates or financial details like credit card numbers – has a duty to protect it. If insufficient measures have been taken to safeguard PII and a data breach occurs, firms can be sued by individuals, fined by data watchdogs and have their professional reputations damaged.

Encrypt all files

When a device like a smartphone is stolen or lost containing unencrypted data files, any PII contained can be exposed, so encrypting confidential information is a wise move. Even better is to encrypt all data stored, as encryption alone will not always protect private information. Instead, the encryption acts as a deterrent to hackers, who may look elsewhere for easier victims. Decrypting files is a time-consuming process, so if cyber thieves find only a few files encrypted, they will know to focus on those. Imagine their frustration when all of a firm’s files are encrypted and they spend hours on decryption, only to discover the files contain nothing sensitive at all.

Adopt a user-friendly system

While encryption can provide a powerful solution to avoid prying eyes accessing data, it can be limiting. When selecting an encryption tool, always opt for a system that provides exceptional security without hindering business processes. It’s vital that personnel can always access the files they need, or your operations will be hampered. Additionally, choose encryption software that isn’t overcomplicated, as such systems are less likely to be used correctly by staff, leading to unwanted security vulnerabilities.

Regularly back up your files

Prior to activating encryption, it’s crucial that all data files are backed up. This can be executed by creating an image backup, which represents a replica of your disk’s contents. Back up your device systematically, so that should an encrypted disk crash or become altered or corrupted, no files will be lost. With the latest backup close at hand, you can swiftly get back in operation.

Protect your passwords

Never store passwords on your system, as hackers who bypass your network’s security measures and infiltrate systems will make use of them. When selecting any PIN or passcode, always employ random letters, numbers and symbols, and use a mix of both upper and lower-case characters. After you have created a strong password, commit it to memory and never share it with others.

Simple to use encryption with power to protect

With an understanding of the responsibility of enterprises to safeguard the personal data they collect, and with a hands-on knowledge of encryption, Galaxkey has developed a complete solution for firms that is easy to employ. Featuring cutting-edge encryption, our secure platform is supremely simple to use, with an easy to understand interface and drag and drop action. With no passwords ever stored, our system has zero backdoors for hackers and protects not just stored data, but information sent via email too. Contact us today for an online demonstration.