Businesses now run on data. From ever-increasing amounts of customer information, to contracts and financial records, data is essential to help businesses continue to run efficiently and expand further. 

How organisations receive this data securely has long been an issue, one that has never been more important than with the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018. GDPR requires businesses to follow strict guidelines, enforced by heavy penalties, when it comes to the collection and processing of personal data, meaning businesses must take data protection seriously. 

Business files are often large and the data received sensitive, so email is an unsuitable method for transfer, being limited in file size and not offering sufficient encryption for confidential business data.

With more people than ever now working from home, being able to give relevant stakeholders remote access to the sensitive business-critical data that allows them to do their job presents an extra challenge to businesses and data protection officers within organisations. 


What are the options for sending large business files securely

There are numerous situations when businesses need to receive large files from their customers. Do you know how your organisation requests these files from your customers? Does your business have guidelines in place that ensure all employees follow the same secure process for receiving sensitive data from external parties?  

Traditionally, businesses have resorted to either asking their customers to download the data onto a USB flash drive and send it via post, or use a paid cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, to transfer the files. 

If the files to be sent are sensitive – and all business data needs to be treated as such in order to comply with GDPR and other industry-specific legislation – then neither postage or transfer via third-party cloud storage services are suitable.   

In addition, postage is time-consuming and results in delays in getting the files, which will cost your business money. Dropbox charges businesses per user per month, and so is not feasible as a way for external parties to share information with your business.  

Sharing confidential information via email or pluggable devices is not always ideal as these methods can make data difficult to control access to and protect.

There is a better way to receive business files securely

Galaxkey Secure Workspace provides a solution to this problem by allowing users to upload and share files and folders securely.

When you need to receive files from people outside of your organisation, Secure Workspace offers the Secure Delivery Service (SDS) feature. SDS lets your business customers send you files securely, using a web interface, without the need for them to register with Galaxkey.      

For your customers, Secure Delivery Service makes the process simple, resulting in happy customers, who are confident that you are taking the protection of their data seriously. In order to receive your files, all your business needs to do is share the SDS link with the person sending the files, which allows them to upload large volumes of data quickly and easily. 

With end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that the data will be delivered securely. Secure Workspace scans all files for viruses before they are uploaded and secures them with user identity by default. No unsecured files are ever stored and files cannot be accessed without the correct user authentication. 

For further peace of mind, Galaxkey Secure Workspace is fully compliant with GDPR and other international regulatory requirements by design.    

How Galaxkey’s Secure Delivery Service works 

  • SDS is very easy to set up and simple to configure. It’s only available for businesses that have deployed Galaxkey in hybrid mode in-house, which means that the files are sent directly into the business’s internal workspace without any intervention and monitoring by anyone else, including Galaxkey.
  • When files are uploaded using Galaxkey SDS, they are scanned for malware and then encrypted and stored in the Secure Workspace of the recipient. Both the sender and the recipient are informed when the files are successfully delivered.
  • For additional security, an automated verification code is sent to the sender’s email address, which must be entered before the files can be sent. This ensures bots cannot be used. The recipient’s email address is also validated to ensure they are configured in the corporate environment. 
  • In the administrative settings, Galaxkey SDS allows users to add a customised message and choose the maximum file size and number of attachments that can be uploaded. Businesses can also add optional disclaimer text. 
  • SDS is WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant for accessibility and uses CAPTCHA with sound for further accessibility.

Revolutionise the way that your organisation receives business-critical data today by making the process easier for your customers, while ensuring you’re always complying with the latest data protection regulations. 

See how Galaxkey Secure Delivery Service can work for your business with our 14-day, no-obligation, free trial. Sign up today to start benefiting from improved business processes and happier customers.