Focus on the education sector

Young schoolgirl wearing school uniform sitting at a desk in an infant school classroom drawing, close up

At schools, nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our students and educators.

It’s vital to maintain a safe learning environment, whilst protecting sensitive data. Galaxkey’s Secure Workspace with Visual Threat Intelligence, offers a simple solution to help.

Harmful content can find its way into our classrooms. Not Safe For Work (NSFW) media poses risks to our students’ innocence. It also threatens the integrity of our educational institution. We have taken proactive measures to protect students from inappropriate material while ensuring their online safety.

Understanding NSFW Content in the Education Sector

NSFW content encompasses explicit and inappropriate material that is unsuitable for the educational environment. It includes images related to violence, drugs, alcohol, nudity, and more. Exposure to such content can lead to harmful consequences for students and tarnish the reputation of educational institutions. Addressing NSFW content is crucial to creating a secure and conducive learning environment.

What is a Secure Workspace?

Galaxkey’s Secure Workspace is a robust security platform that prioritizes data protection. It combines:

  • secure file transfer
  • collaboration
  • powerful encryption

Galaxkey ensures data remains safe, regardless of its location or access devices. With integrated Visual Threat Intelligence, Galaxkey has raised the bar for data security. It now also keeps sensitive content secure from visual threats.

Use in Education

The Visual Threat Intelligence Module serves as a powerful tool in the education sector. It offers several key benefits:

Student Safety and Well-being:

Ensuring a safe learning environment is paramount in educational institutions. The Visual Threat Intelligence Module plays a pivotal role by automatically detecting and preventing the distribution of harmful visual content within the workspace. By protecting students from exposure to inappropriate material, Galaxkey empowers educators to create a secure and nurturing environment.

Educational Material Curation:

Educators often use digital content in their lessons to enhance learning. The module’s automatic detection helps educators ensure that the material shared with students is appropriate and aligned with educational objectives. This ensures a positive learning experience for students while maintaining the institution’s professional image.

Preventing Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying is a growing concern in educational settings. The module’s capabilities in detecting harmful imagery aid in identifying and addressing instances of cyberbullying, fostering a supportive environment for students. By promptly addressing such issues, educational institutions can protect the mental well-being of students and promote healthy relationships among peers.

Brand and Reputation Protection:

Educational institutions hold a responsibility to maintain a positive reputation within the community. By leveraging the Visual Threat Intelligence Module, schools and universities can mitigate the risk of inappropriate content being associated with their organization. This proactive approach helps safeguard the institution’s reputation and uphold its values.


Galaxkey’s Visual Threat Intelligence Module empowers educational institutions to take proactive measures in data security and content moderation. By creating a safer learning environment, protecting sensitive data, and mitigating cyber risks, Galaxkey ensures that educators and students can focus on their educational goals without compromising their safety or well-being. With Galaxkey, educational institutions can thrive in a secure digital environment, setting a standard of excellence in data protection and creating a positive learning experience for all.