Though many workers across the country have begun returning to the office, the unplanned necessity of remote working over the pandemic has proved fruitful for others. Companies like Twitter, Coinbase, Vodaphone and Siemens have all seen impressive results from home and hybrid worker productivity and have continued to keep these options open to their employees.

While there is no doubt that remote working enabled by the latest technologies like video conferencing and file sharing platforms have made it possible for many firms to survive the economic and logistic challenges of COVID-19, this way of working does present difficulties for those charged with cybersecurity. In this article, we’ll look at some important points for enterprises with teams working remotely.

Company devices and communication protocols

While some options like our Galaxkey workspace can secure your employee’s personal device, it is always considered the best practice to issue your staff with desktops and laptops audited by your IT staff. When mail servers are busy or connections are slow, employees may be tempted to send files or share information via their personal emails or by text on their phones. Staff must be discouraged from such actions to maintain security.

Data privacy and storage

Ensure personnel understand that they must always keep their work private and their devices should never be shared with those they share a residence with. Passwords should never be saved in login pages and portals that connect to company data storage areas, whether files are kept in the cloud or on servers. Additionally, staff must be urged to never store company data files locally where they are unprotected.

Ban home printing

Unless you are issuing professional-grade shredders to staff, it is a wise move to block the option to print at home to protect the information your company handles and processes.

Employ encryption and electronic documents signing

Provide end-to-end encryption software and training on how to use it to your remote workers. Select a product that is strong enough to keep unauthorised individuals out of emails and files but simple to use to ensure it is always deployed appropriately.

Using electronic signatures to sign documents is also useful. E-signatures can keep documents secure and allow them to be signed in seconds, facilitating seamless workflow even when staff are working from home or are abroad on business.

Stay secure in the office and at home

Staying flexible is essential for firms looking to remain competitive but cybersecurity is still a priority. To ensure your employees can work effectively and safely, whether they are on your company premises, at home or anywhere in between, we at Galaxkey have developed our secure workspace.

Our solution has no back doors for hackers to gain a foothold on your system and no passwords are ever stored to avoid credential theft. All pending files are automatically scanned for threats before being uploaded to contain potential threats and innovative tools like encryption and electronic document signing allow your teams to work productively while keeping data safe.

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