The ICO have uncovered that the data protection policies at the Council of the Isle of Scilly are not adequate. Two breaches have recently occurred where personal data has been compromised.

The two incidents occurred in 2013:

  • June last year an attachment accidently sent with an email revealed personal data.
  • In September last year, personal information was made public via two documents culminating in public circulation, through inadequate file sharing.


The ICO have again clarified that ‘personal data must be handled securely and safely’.

For the safe and secure  handling of data, data protection training within an organisation, across the board, is necessary. Proper procedures should be in place for the appropriate ways for transferring data by email.

Encryption has been emphasised by the ICO as an effective solution to securing data.

Galaxkey resolves this issue by enabling users to easily and securely encrypt this kind of data.

Information Commissions Office (ICO) :