Encryption is fast becoming an essential feature of every enterprise’s email security protocols. It can offer companies powerful protection to their correspondence with colleagues, contacts, customers and suppliers, making it an invaluable tool when sensitive data must be transmitted via email. Unfortunately, not every encryption option offers identical levels of security and usability. In this article, we’ll look at some important features that leading encryption solutions supply, allowing you to select a suitable product to purchase or decide if your existing encryption requires an upgrade.

Does your option provide end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is vital as it provides both users and recipients with email security from the second that a message is sent by a user until the exact moment it’s intended recipient receives it. End-to-end encryption also ensures that it is impossible for a third party to read any exchanged emails, whether a message is sent in error or maliciously intercepted.

Does your software encrypt attachments?

Some encryption software is only capable of securing the main body copy of an email and not its attachments. The issue with such solutions is that in many instances, the most sensitive content in an email involves attached documents. Private company contracts and agreements, invoices including financial details and customer data bases packed with personally identifiable information (PII) are just some of the attachments commonly added by companies. For this reason, make certain that the option you employ is efficiently encrypting the entirety of your emails.

Is your solution user-friendly?

While you might be tempted to select a complex solution that promises advanced levels of encryption, you may in fact be putting your site security at risk. When technological solutions are complicated to use, employees may apply them incorrectly and, in other cases, may neglect to use them at all. As a result, the best approach is always to choose a user-friendly encryption option.

To remain flexible and secure, it is also a smart move to select an encryption solution that can be used on a wide range of equipment and different operating systems. By making this important decision, you can ensure that your employees can apply encryption to their emails whether they are working on premises, at home or while travelling on business promoting superior levels of data security.

Cutting-edge email encryption you can count on

At Galaxkey, we have developed a premium email encryption solution that is second-to-none. Approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), it features three powerful levels of defence and is based on the US Government’s recommended onion model.

Its enhanced usability makes it easy for staff to use effectively, ensuring that private communications can be secured with single-click encryption. Whether employees are working from the office or remotely, and whether on enterprise equipment or personal devices, they can add end-to-end encryption to emails and their attachments.

If you are ready to ramp up your email security protocols, contact our dedicated team today and book your free, 14-day Galaxkey encryption trial.