Millions (nearing 7 million) Dropbox accounts have been hacked and hundreds of passwords have been leaked on an anonymous information sharing site Pastebin.

Dropbox have been quick to deny the security breach and have responded to the incident as follows.  Dropbox has responded to the allegation stating that the usernames and passwords were stolen from other third party services and used to login to Dropbox accounts, most of the passwords stolen have expired.   Which ever way  the incident is looked at or considered, the end result remains the same-user accounts and their information has been compromised.

Hackers have threatened that the leak is not over and they will publish millions more, 6.9 million more, account details, comprising video, photos and files in exchange for Bitcoin ‘donations’.

400 account passwords and usernames have been published thus far onto site Pastebin on 13 October 2014.

Proof again that your data is not secure with Dropbox.

Additional security measures are necessary to thwart this type of attack on your personal information.   Encryption is essential to maintain the security of your data.  The Galaxkey Encryption Solution can encrypt your emails, documents and files in all format types.

By utilising the simple to use yet highly effective Galaxkey Encryption Solution, which is free for the home user, your data can be secured and this type of breach will not compromise your personal data.



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