July/August 2012

Dropbox have confirmed that user accounts have been hacked. Users realised something was wrong when they began receiving spam mail through email accounts solely linked to their Dropbox accounts.

After an investigation it has been confirmed that access was gained through an employee account where a number of user email addresses were stolen and then used to access the accounts. Another route of access was through names and passwords stolen from various websites and subsequently used to access user accounts.

Just last year Dropbox was the route of another security incident when it accidently published code on its website, allowing anyone to sign in to any Dropbox account without the account credentials.

Dropbox has built an enormous user base, however many are beginning to wonder whether Dropbox are taking security seriously? After last year’s security breach Dropbox endeavoured they would take the steps necessary to improve the safety of user accounts. Once again, one year on, Drop box is promising to apply further controls to secure user accounts.

Dropbox have assured users they will implement precautionary measures. Dropbox will be offering two-factor authentication to its users and automated mechanisms to help identify suspicious activity and view account activity.

It should be the priority of all users of any storage solution to ensure at all times that there data is secure. Encrypting ones data, emails, files and documents, prior to storage is essential.



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