Electronic signatures are far superior to ink-based alternatives. Instant and legally binding, they are portable and easy to use. They also reduce harm to the environment and benefit from cutting-edge technology that can ensure signatures are authentic.

What is an e-signature?

Put simply, an e-signature is a signature in an electronic format. It empowers signatories to agree or approve the terms of a dedicated document, like a traditional signature made in wet ink. An e-signature is a process that utilises computers to authenticate the individual signing and certify the document’s integrity.

Fool proof, immediate and convenient

Since many e-signature solutions don’t allow users to submit incomplete documents, this state-of-the-art process also eliminates small mistakes that can turn into big problems that cause delays.

E-signatures speed up agreements and approvals by eliminating any lag times during the process. With e-signatures, firms do not need to wait for the post or send staff to deliver documents. As soon as an electronic signature is added to a document, firms can move on to the next stage.

Electronic signatures make signing documents far easier. Since e-signature options are portable, documents can be signed and signatures requested from virtually anywhere in the world on a wide range of devices. It is no longer necessary to print out, sign, scan and resubmit a document, and firms do not need to own or rent a fax machine for receiving and sending documents.

Legally binding while supporting compliance

E-signatures are as entirely legally binding as ink-based signatures. While there are still some rare documents that must be signed in wet ink, most notably deeds from the Land Registry, UK legislation now recognises electronic signatures as admissible in its courts of law. E-signatures are also easier to track, and trace compared to their wet-ink counterparts, making them ideal when required as evidence of actions by data regulators like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


An insistence on printing, scanning and then faxing or uploading documents just to create an electronic signature is not only time-consuming for firms, but also harmful to the environment. Each appliance a company purchases makes the size of its carbon footprint expand. By limiting the number of devices required to complete a process, companies can improve their workflow while helping the planet. This also applies to reducing paper use, which in turn cuts down how many trees must be harvested. E-signatures are an ideal option for firms taking an eco-friendly approach to the way they do business and support the concept of running a paperless office.

Electronic signature solutions you can count on

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