Galaxkey is a simple and secure way of encrypting your emails and documents.

It gets simpler everyday as out team works out new an innovative ways to enhance your encryption experience.


Why did we build Galaxkey?

12 computer security professional got into a room in 2006 and started talking about privacy.  Very quickly we realised that email encryption was something that would be required in the future and that no-one took it seriously.  Sure there were people trying but its was not something we were sure would stand the test of time.  So we built a product that everyone could use free for personal use.

Why we have the edge?

These days we read stories of people spying on each other, governments seizing servers keys and data. Especially foreign governments.

With Galaxkey the key is in your hands and you decide who gets access to your data, very similar to your house key, you decide who you give that to…

We did not build this solution to obstruct justice, but we did build it to promote privacy!

If you would like to learn more about our tech why not get in touch and we will be happy to talk with you.

Do you have to worry about someone getting your keys?

No, if you give your keys to someone then they will have them.