From local authorities and enterprises to international organisations, email is still a popular method of communication. While its invention has revolutionised the way we work, allowing us to correspond far quicker than using postal options, it is not without its downsides.

Among the worst aspects of email is the multitude of cyberattacks aimed at the service, and the standard levels of security that are often ineffectual. Email accounts represent a considerable storehouse of confidential and personal information. Take a moment now to consider what data can be found in your inbox, saved drafts, sent emails and other folders in your company email account. If a hacker gained access to your email, what would they discover, and would your firm be facing a data breach?

In the next sections, we’ll take a closer look at some of the common threats facing email account holders and outline the best methods of protection available.

Email at risk

While they may seem like harmless junk, spam emails can carry tricks and traps. Known as phishing emails, these malicious messages are designed to fool recipients into taking particular actions, typically to their detriment.

Targets can be asked to divulge private company information or can be led via a link to a fake website. Sometimes referred to as phishing sites, these bogus web pages mimic authentic login pages, conning victims to enter their credentials. These passwords and usernames are then harvested and employed to access company networks, upper management email accounts and data storage centres.

Phishing messages can also contain links that, if clicked on, will launch a malware payload onto their company device. In some cases, where viruses and worms are used, it can spread out and infest an entire enterprise network.

As mentioned earlier, emails and email accounts are often loaded with sensitive data. If a message is sent to the wrong address or is intercepted by a threat actor, this can cause a damaging data leak.

Safeguarding you email content

Train your staff to never click on links embedded in emails or download unknown data directly from a message, especially if the sender is unfamiliar. Make sure that antivirus and anti-malware software is installed and in date to block attacks. Finally, ensure you use cutting-edge and dependable encryption software that can make your content unreadable by hackers.

Optimise your email security

To keep life safe for our clients and customers, at Galaxkey, we have devised a comprehensive system, ensuring premium levels of email security.

With a few simple clicks, users can completely encrypt the emails they send or store. This means that not only will the body copy of a message be encrypted, but any important attachments too, making certain they are never disclosed to unauthorised parties.

While our email encryption solution is easy to use, it is far from simple. Designed to confound hackers attempting to crack your data, our encryption has three powerful layers of defence and has been designed to meet exacting government standards.

Contact our specialist team today to explore the many features of our solution with a free two-week trial.