In order to carry out its business processes, every organisation must move information. Whether its uploading client information to cloud-based storage or filing financial records on a local server, dataflow must always be tracked and monitored to ensure its safety.

Company data can often contain confidential information, ranging from private contracts and account statements, to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on employees and clients. It is the task of information officers to ensure that this sensitive data has adequate security not only to preserve confidentiality for business dealings, but to comply with rules enforced by regulatory authorities upholding the laws on data protection. Failure to secure this data effectively can result in expensive fines when PII is exposed and cause further expenses, whether that means system downtime or forensic investigations.

Once stored, data can be protected with personnel access set for appropriate user authorisation levels. However, when data is on the move it will also need to be secure.

Safeguarding data in transit

Company data that is transiting networks must always have adequate protection securing it against eavesdropping or alteration from unauthorised operators like cybercriminals. The two main tools to protect data on the move are through network defences that deny attackers the power to intercept your data, and the use of encryption that takes away a cybercriminal’s ability to read the data contained in files. Unless an attacker has the required key for decryption, they will be unable to view any data being moved, even if they manage to intercept its journey. Combining these two solutions is the most effective method of protecting your confidential company information.

Tracking the journey of data

Using digital sign features can help those tasked with information security to ensure data is not tampered with as it is moved. Stages can be set where at designated points an authorised individual with the correct access permissions can add their digital signature, creating a record of when data is sent and received along with any stops it must make.

Digital-sign features also allow those receiving data to ensure that it has not been tampered with or altered in any way before reaching its destination. It also enables recipients the capability of verifying senders.

Comprehensive protection when sending data

At Galaxkey we understand the importance of ensuring confidential data files are protected not just when they are stored in a secure location, but at every stage in their journey. We have created a complete solution that allows IT security professionals total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that data in transit is always secure.

Our secure platform features a suite of robust tools that are user-friendly, while delivering powerful protection. No passwords are ever stored on our system, blocking outside access from threat operators, while end-to-end encryption makes certain that any data on the move can never be viewed and exploited.

Our system features a cutting-edge digital sign feature and keeps original copies of all data sent to allow for comparison, making them entirely tamper-proof. Contact our professional team for advice on how to keep your data in transit totally secure.