Email is one of the quickest, and most popular, form of communication by businesses. Because of this, important and sensitive data is often sent across the channel, making it vulnerable to hackers and unauthorised use.

For many organisations, email encryption software is the answer. Find out how the email encryption platform works and how it can benefit you, here:

What Is Email Encryption Software?

Email encryption software provides a platform for secure and seamless communication, giving one-click encryption to send files and email messages securely. The software gives a safe working environment for your team and is compatible across Outlook, iOS, Android, Windows and more.

What Features Can You Use With Email Encryption?

Email encryption brings a host of features that can help your business, including:

  • Classification: mark your files with a classification status that allows you to prioritise your email importance and improve data management.
  • Revoke email access: pull back emails sent by mistake to stop access to emails and attachments.
  • Mail time-out: configure your emails to only be accessed for a certain length of time.
  • Notifications: get proof of delivery and format your emails so that they can only be read once.
  • Digital signage: sign your emails digitally to give recipients peace of mind that the data has not been tampered with.
  • Authorised Data Distribution: block emails from being forwarded on, giving you complete control of data management.
  • Policy management: tailor the system to your unique business policies. Block emails containing certain keywords and phrases, or those which don’t adhere to your set compliance requirements.

The Benefits Of Email Encryption

There are many benefits of email encryption to your business, which include:

  • Compliance: the secure email encryption software helps you achieve compliance for data security regulations.
  • Data management: the software helps you organise your data, prioritise communication and gives data that can be audited with ease.
  • Seamless integration: the software is easy to implement and uptake and can be scaled as needed.
  • Simplicity: with all your data in one secure place, you have a complete overview and a centralised data hub.

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