Organisations employing traditional IT security measures like detection systems and firewalls are always seeking greater protection for company data. From external threats like hackers to internal issues with staff, safeguarding data at rest – in storage or transit – is a tall order for most security solutions available. To answer these problems, many businesses are now considering using data encryption as the next level of security.

Ideal for enterprises transferring substantial quantities of data who need to keep their data safely protected, encryption solutions like those used by the Galaxkey secure platform are highly effective and user-friendly. Whether you are operating an SME or a large-scale organisation, data breaches can seriously affect your business and an encryption platform can be a valuable tool for numerous reasons, including the following five:

1. Total data protection

A comprehensive encryption solution offers enterprises complete peace of mind as it safeguards data whether in transit or at rest. While perimeter security options such as firewalls can render data difficult to access externally, your company information is left vulnerable if not encrypted should a network be infiltrated. With an encryption solution in force, you can be sure your raw data is safe even if a breach occurs. Opting for encryption can also act as a deterrent to cybercriminals who are more likely to target data that is easier to decode.

2. Keeping compliant

There are a raft of compliance rules to which IT professionals safeguarding data must adhere. High-quality encryption software can offer a simple way to ensure your business is always working in accordance with all data protection legislation.

3. Secure data transfer

Data is often at its most vulnerable when on the move. A complete encryption solution will protect confidential information at every stage of its journey, and ensure any files or documents uploaded to the cloud or internal storage hub always remain safe from data loss or theft.

4. Maintaining data integrity

A recent tactic used by hackers is to penetrate an organisations data and alter or encrypt it for ransom. The organisation is denied access to vital data unless they pay the cybercriminals, but encryption will ensure your data cannot be tampered with.

5. Protection over multiple devices

The modern workplace has seen an increase in the usage of mobile devices and security professionals have struggled to find a suitable option to safeguard data sent and stored on them. With data encryption software, businesses can make certain all company data across all devices used is fully encrypted with the same high security levels seen for sensitive information on personal computers. Device authentication can also be implemented, negating any risk of unauthorised access.

Cutting-edge encryption for all your business needs

At Galaxkey we have developed a secure platform for enterprises featuring state-of-the-art encryption that ensure your communications, files and documents are protected in all states. Allowing seamless and safe collaboration, our easy-to-use security system employs three-layer encryption based on the onion model, regarded as the benchmark standard by the US government. Contact us today for an online demonstration.