As cybersecurity developers create ever more complex defences for businesses to safeguard sensitive data, cybercriminals work equally hard finding ways to bypass them. While this ongoing struggle continues, enterprises must still ensure their data is protected, whether it is being stored on company servers or sent as attachments in outgoing communications. Time and time again, IT security professionals state the most efficient form of defence is using encryption. The following are five advantages for firms who encrypt their confidential data.

Comprehensive data protection

Encryption offers a complete solution and peace of mind for companies and information officers, as it safeguards all data, whether it is in transit or at rest. Perimeter security is all very well, but if a hacker penetrates a company’s system, the data held within is fair game. When encryption is employed, even if infiltration occurs, all raw data remains secure.

All devices covered

Today, enterprise personnel no longer only use company devices on premises to carry out their roles. From laptops to smartphones, mobile devices are much better equipped to perform many office-based tasks with many dedicated applications readily available. This has made them increasingly popular and provided new challenges for IT security chiefs. Encryption software can be used freely on multiple devices, negating this additional security risk efficiently.

Keeping compliant

Companies must adhere to data protection regulations, always safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other confidential material that they store and use. If PII is exposed and a firm is found to have taken inadequate measures, they will face costly fines from regulatory authorities. Encrypting data can keep companies fully compliant with all PII inaccessible even if stolen.

Avoiding data alteration

Encryption can also ascertain that data maintains its integrity. The latest solutions will retain an original copy of data, allowing recipients to spot when tampering has taken place.

Securing data in transit

Moving data is an everyday part of most enterprises’ workflow. However, in transit, data is often at its most vulnerable. Encryption can solve this problem, with data fully protected even when it is on the move. Only those sending and receiving the data are issued with encryption keys to access it.

Powerful encryption that is easy to employ

At Galaxkey, we understand the advantages that encryption can offer. With the aim of providing an enhanced security solution for institutions and organisations, we have successfully created a secure workspace with zero back doors to be exploited.

Often encryption offerings can be overly complex and unwieldy, which can be a security risk in itself. When those using encryption cannot use it properly, it negates its effectiveness. That is why we designed our solution with a user-friendly interface that delivers simple drag and drop action to encrypt confidential emails and documents.

Using powerful three-layer encryption based on the onion model and accepted as a benchmark standard at government level, our system can be used with a wide range of operating systems and devices.

To experience state of the art security via easy to use encryption, contact our expert team today and arrange an online demonstration and a free two-week trial to test drive it yourself.