Regardless of what sector an enterprise or organisation works in, it is crucial that confidential data is always well protected. Company security demands that private information does not fall into the hands of threat actors or competitors, and to avoid unwanted litigation costs, it is also vital that sensitive and personal information on personnel and customers is always safeguarded.

From ransomware attacks that disclose company secrets, to malicious software that infects networks and disrupts workflow, there are multiple tactics employed by cybercriminals against companies and institutions. Hackers will not make their activity known until a time that is beneficial to them, so it is possible for them to possess access to devices or networks for many months without being detected.

Data breaches can be extremely damaging, racking up extensive financial losses that can amount to millions, so it is important that all businesses educate their employees to watch out for signs that security measures have been penetrated.

1. A problem with passwords

Being unable to enter login credentials can be a sign of a breach. If a hacker has access to an account, they can change passwords. On the other hand, they might have tried to access an account repeatedly and failed, causing it to become locked.

2. Unexpected behaviour and unusual appearance

A device that suddenly acts or looks different can indicate there is a problem. A cursor moving without any user mouse activity can mean someone else is operating the computer remotely, while new toolbars added to an internet browser can be another common sign that a system has been infiltrated.

3. A nagging slowness in your network

While devices can be slow for many reasons, multiple users experiencing a lagging network can indicate a breach with a hacker downloading sensitive files beyond the safe network perimeter.

4. Pestered by pop-ups

Multiple antivirus warnings and other pop-up messages can also be signs of compromise. Threat actors often try to trick users into closing pop-up windows as part of a tactic to penetrate systems deeper. Activity of this kind should always be reported to verify if malicious intent is behind it.

5. Unfamiliar activity and unknown logins

Information accessed from a location not associated with an enterprise is a clear marker of a breach. Unfamiliar logins that repeatedly access data in a short space of time can also be evidence of attacks.

A complete data protection solution

At Galaxkey, we have perfected our secure desktop to offer organisations and institutions around the globe the ultimate in data protection. Employing a unique three-layer encryption that can be activated by simple drag-and-drop action for ease of use, our solution offers total peace of mind to IT security professionals tasked with safeguarding systems.

Cybercriminals are constantly sharpening and adapting their attacks in line with new levels of defence, but our innovative tool will ensure that even if your network is infiltrated, hackers will be unable to decode your data. For premium security for all your confidential documents, whether at rest or in transmission, contact our expert team for advice and support.