Electronic signatures are used to complete documents online, avoiding the need for paper documents to be signed with traditional wet ink signature. Also known as e-signatures, these innovative options can be used to sign legal documents, invoices, contractual agreements and financing documentation.

An e-signature can take the form of an individual’s signature in a digital format. The electronic signature delivers evidence that a specific signer agrees or accepts the information established in a document, and is both safe and legal to use.

E-signatures effectively validate, track and then store both signatures and information on the signatory at every step in a contract’s lifecycle. As with handwritten signatures, electronic signatures are completely unique to each signatory. In this blog, we’ll provide a quick countdown of the top five benefits of signing documents using an electronic solution.

1. Helping companies become paperless

E-signatures can help companies go paperless as they eliminate the need for paper use and printing. With e-signing, documents and copies of them can be completed electronically instead.

2. Offering maximum flexibility

Firms employing e-signatures can also enjoy increased flexibility. These agile solutions allow signatures to be added from any location on any device, making business processes easier to complete whether staff are based in the office, at home or travelling.

3. Cost cutting

Every enterprise must improve their bottom line to be successful, and e-signatures can help by saving money. They can not only speed up workflow, saving time and increasing productivity, but also reduce the costs associated with postage, couriers, printing, and filing.

4. Enhancing security and avoiding unwanted errors

Advanced digital authentication methods are an integral part of e-signatures and can reduce security risks. In-built with advanced encryption, they can ensure that documents are only viewed and signed by authorised entities and individuals.

E-signature solutions can also be used with pre-filled forms to reduce the risk of mistakes associated with human error. Signing documents electronically also leaves a clear audit trail to prove companies are adhering to compliance legislation.

5. Increasing efficiency

Electronic signing allows approval workflow to be automated. As a result, document owners can see clearly who has added a signature and when. Additionally, this streamlined process improves staff productivity. Leading e-signature software ships with a dashboard tool that empowers admins to easily track and find any documents awaiting a signature, facilitating smoother signing processes and making it easier to locate files.

Electronic signatures for enterprise use

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