Despite the fact that time and again email has proven to be among the least secure channels of communication, it is still one of the most popular ways for firms across the world to communicate. With this in mind, many IT professionals charged with data safety are looking to find ways to bolster email security and reduce risks.

While there are numerous secure email platforms available, not all are created equally or offer the same level of protection. In the following sections, we’ll explore five key features every secure email solution must provide.

Email revocation

While sending an email in error is a common mistake, if the information contained in a message is sensitive or contains personal information, it can cause a damaging data breach. Fortunately, email revocation allows users to halt access to their messages and any attached documents immediately with a single click. This innovative option offers users total control of their correspondence and provides peace of mind.

Email timeout

Enterprises keen to keep compliant with data protection regulations require an email timeout option. This feature enables users to set the specific window of time that they wish their messages to be accessible within. Whether it’s six minutes or six months, users can set the duration of access and will always know whether data is still available.

Email classification

Organising emails by confidentiality is key to keeping data that are shared and sent securely. A classification system allows users to label mail with a specific privacy status, ensuring optimum data safety measures are in place.

Digital signature

Providing premium security levels and saving companies time and energy, digital signature email features are imperative for modern businesses. Delivering an anti-spoof solution, digital signing allows recipients to be sure content originates from a legitimate sender and ensures data integrity, indicating when any messages or attachments have been altered or tampered with.

Comprehensive email encryption

Finally, all email solutions must be empowered with powerful encryption options that are easy to employ. Encryption can effectively scramble the characters that comprise emails and their attachments, making sure that only those authorised can comprehend their content. If emails are mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient or intercepted, the data contained will remain safe. Encryption should always be simple for staff to use to ensure it’s employed effectively.

Experts in email security

With an understanding of email’s shortcomings as a secure communication channel, Galaxkey has developed a comprehensive solution for enterprises. Featuring end-to-end encryption and fortified with innovative data protection options, our cutting-edge system equips business professionals with all the tools they need to stay secure and compliant.

Our dedicated platform delivers a secure and seamless communication solution that’s exceptionally easy to operate and is compatible with Android, Outlook, Windows and iOS. Ticking all the boxes above and more, our email option ensures companies can keep all their messages private from any location at any time, whether they are in transit or at rest. All content emailed can be encrypted, including any attached files or documents.

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