Out of all the tools offering greater security, cybersecurity experts agree that encryption is critical. Readily available, with a wide range of products to select from, encryption software is not tricky to come by, but despite this easy access many companies across the UK are still not using it.

Today, we’ll explore some of the main reason businesses are not employing this imperative security solution.

1. No executive-level support

Actioning the adoption of encryption requires executive-level authorisation. If decision-makers are not convinced of the value of encrypting enterprise files and communications, it will stop any chance of implementation in its tracks. There are numerous reasons given by department heads for not using encryption, from it being too complex to deploy and poor past experiences when software was more problematic, to simply believing (mistakenly) that it is an unnecessary cost.

2. Inadequate resources and funding

This brings us neatly to the second reason why encryption isn’t used – a lack of funds in the company budget.

While the cost of encryption is often accounted for, it can easily slip down the priority list in favour of other more high-profile cybersecurity solutions, and end up as an option to be considered next year.

While it is true that encryption does cost, the price for software is far cheaper today than previously recorded. More to the point, the expense of adopting encryption is nothing compared to how much a company can find itself paying if it fails to protect data and suffers a breach. Fines from regulators can be millions, not to mention the additional costs of system downtime, forensic investigations, lawsuits from data subjects, and the purchase of appropriate security measures to patch a breach.

3. A lack of understanding

Many firms don’t encrypt content because they can’t grasp the technology. Many businesses erroneously believe the security options they use are more than enough to protect the data they manage and store. Even IT professionals, who are experts in their field, may not be experts on encryption and may fail to understand that not all products on the market offer the same level of protection.

4. Overcomplex technology

Finally, many encryption products available to purchase are overly complicated. When companies trial such security solutions, they discover that staff are unable to use them with ease, and in some circumstances are neglecting to encrypt their documents and messages for this reason. In the current economic climate, no business can afford to pay for a product they will not use, so subscriptions end up being rejected.

End-to-end encryption for enterprises

At Galaxkey, we understand the importance of encryption for enterprises’ data security and have designed the most user-friendly system possible, without sacrificing protection levels.

End-to-end encryption can be accessed with ease through our platform, using a simple drag-and-drop action. Delivering powerful three-layer encryption, companies can ensure their data is never viewed by unauthorised operators, whether it is being emailed or simply stored on servers or in the cloud. Contact our expert team today to arrange your free 14-day trial.