Protecting private company email accounts and sensitive areas of a system with company credentials is a common practice for many firms. Unfortunately, if these passwords and usernames are acquired by a malicious actor, these secure parts of your business network can be accessed with ease.

Whether your handle personally identifiable information (PII) on staff and customers or you retain confidential files on company accounts and deals, read on to discover four ways to restrict access to your data and avoid a breach.

Use minimum privileges

Only give your employees access to the information they require to perform their specific roles. By adhering to this policy, you can ensure that data is only accessible by those with authorisation.

Employ multi-factor authentication

Using two-factor or multi-factor authentication (MFA) protocols to access data adds advanced protection. Unless a threat actor has access to a user’s smart phone or other personal device, as well as their password and username, they will be unable to receive the extra code to view protected data.

Electronic signatures

E-signatures are fast becoming a popular solution for firms keen to keep those without permission out of private files. Requesting an electronic signature before allowing access to private information allows companies to verify the identity of an individual prior to enabling them to view files. Adding this option also promotes optimum document security, as alerts can be raised when data is tampered with and any changes can be tracked.

Data encryption

Using encryption software is the most effective way of limiting who can view or interact with private information without impacting productivity. Instead of locking down the area where data is stored, making it harder to access, this process protects the information itself. As a result, data can be held on file or move freely throughout your business network and beyond while remaining protected.

Data encryption can reconfigure the content in an email communication or data file, so it is no longer legible. Only those with permissions to access the document are issued a decryption key, which can unscramble the information, allowing it to be read, altered or even deleted if required.

Limit access to your data with Galaxkey

Offering organisations of all sizes a comprehensive data security solution, Galaxkey’s platform has been designed to safeguard sensitive and personal information. Our system has zero backdoors that can be exploited by malicious actors, and it never stores personal passwords where they can be easily obtained by intruders on your network.

We have designed cutting-edge tools that are supremely simple to use, including electronic signatures, secure data vaults and powerful, enterprise-grade encryption. Providing three layers of protection, our encryption solution has been certified by the National Cyber Security Centre of the UK and can be added to internal and external communications, email attachments and data files of unlimited size.

If you are looking to restrict access to the data you manage and retain, get in touch today to trial our secure system for 14 days free of charge.