It is not very common to see schools actively integrate practical learning experience in their regular curriculum. On this front, Gems Modern Academy, Dubai has set an excellent example through their industry internship program for the senior students.

Galaxkey was happy to support this initiative through a tailored internship program combining classroom learning with hands-on assignments, for 25 students over 3 weeks in July 2020. The program inculcated cybersecurity awareness amongst the students, along with an understanding of security technologies using Galaxkey data security platform as a virtual lab environment.

According to Dr. Mauli Mahajan, Director Counselling and Career Pathways at Gems Modern Academy

Internships complement all involved in numerous ways, where building towards a stronger portfolio for university applications, is just one feather in the cap.  We need dynamic leaders to encourage and implement such opportunities for the growth and development of their stakeholders. The internship program offered by Galaxkey has not only educated students on cybersecurity but has also enhanced them professionally through multiple avenues – intellectual development, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, interpersonal skills, tolerance for obstacles, and ability to learn and work independently and confidently.

Galaxkey believes that cybersecurity companies need to play an active role in inculcating a ‘cyber aware’ culture in our society to create a safe cyber world for everyone. And we are glad to play our part for the student community in collaboration with Gems Modern Academy, Dubai.

Schools can reach out to us at to introduce a similar learning experience for their students.